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Dec 15, 2020 | Client service, Key Business skills, Linkedin

In this penultimate post of the year, I offer you a reminder of five of my most popular blog posts (out of the 50 posted, one each Tuesday) in 2020. I’ve included the links in case you missed them originally or want to take another look:

Ten common tax mistakes that business owners make  (August 2020)

Recently I was asked to prepare a quick list of ten common tax mistakes that business owners should avoid. The length of the article in question didn’t allow me to expand very much on the mistakes I listed.

This is probably the closest I have come to writing about tax matters for over ten years. I shared an outline of the article on Linkedin and invited further suggestions.  By and large there was agreement as to my ten points but I have added further examples and commentary below with thanks to the many people who kindly contributed to the discussion thread.  Link to full blog post >>>

Forget USPs – what are your KDIs? (Jan 2020)

I have long advised audiences and clients that claiming to have a Unique Sales Proposition (USP) is typically a mistake – as the word ‘unique’ means ‘unlike any other’. Rarely do I ever encounter accountants with genuinely ‘unique’ offerings for clients.  And it will be counter-productive to assert that something about your approach is unique when this is evidently not the case. I have written about this previously. See: Stop talking about your USP – it’s the same as other accountants.

However, every accountant I have met is different. An individual. We all have different experiences, backgrounds and attitudes. These combine to ensure that clients will get a different service dependent on which accountant they appoint. If this was not the case, clients would never move from one accountant to another for reasons other than fees.  And yet clients do move for other reasons. Link to full blog post >>>

Linkedin – at least do your housekeeping! (March 2020)

I was shocked to realise that it’s over two years since I last wrote about Linkedin on this blog. Given its value to accountants I thought I’d offer a quick update. What follows is taken from the start of my talks about using Linkedin to stand out and win more business.

I would stress that I am not a Linkedin trainer as such. My approach is more to highlight the benefits of general housekeeping,  and also how easy it can be to use Linkedin to short-cut the business networking process. Inevitably I also debunk the hype and clarify the many misconceptions and misunderstandings that persist as regards Linkedin. And I highlight the opportunities it presents to those accountants who wish to benefit from these. Link to full blog post >>

The single best time management tip you will ever hear (Nov 2020)

I know that title sounds like it’s probably over the top. And, if you are familiar with my writing and advice you’ll know I’m not prone to undue hype.

On this occasion I have heard from more than once source that this is the best time management tip ever! And it’s certainly the only one that has worked consistently for me over the years.  And when I talk it through with mentoring clients they find it works well too.

It’s quite simple. Link to full blog post >>

How can you best help clients commercially during the COVID-19 crisis? (March 2020)

A number of accountants are asking similar questions:

  • “How much work do I need to do for free during the virus crisis?”
  • “Is it ok to charge clients for giving them advice at this difficult time?”
  • “I want to help those clients that need advice, but I don’t want my practice to collapse”

I recommend that you start by thinking about your business and the services you provide to clients.

Your practice must survive. There is a limit as to how much work you can do for free. Only you will know what the limit is. But I strongly recommend that you think about this and keep it in mind. Link to full blog post >>>

So, that’s it. Five of my most popular blog posts – according to Google analytics. I hope you enjoy revisiting them.

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