3 questions you must answer before spending time and money seeking out new clients

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l am regularly approached by accountants who want to know how they can get more clients. And many more accountants are asking each other similar questions in groups on facebook. Invariably they want to know if social media is worthwhile, where to advertise, what marketing activities to pursue, what networking activities might be worthwhile,

Can you express your strengths as impactful insights – or do you sound just like every other accountant?

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A common mistake made by lots of accountants is to accept the common assumption that accountants are pretty much interchangeable. This is a common misconception based largely, I think, on the fact that the output of an accountant's work is often pretty much the same in terms of accounts and tax returns. If you

Make it easier for prospective clients to choose YOU

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Ask ten accountants how they secure most of their new clients and at least eight will say referrals and recommendations. Sometimes this is because they have a good flow of new clients and/or have actively cultivated and encouraged such mentions among clients and contacts. Mostly though it is because they don't actually secure many

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