Why your future clients could be very different to your current clients – and what you need to do about it

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You’re not alone if you’re fed up of hearing commentators, software vendors and app developers tell you what your clients are thinking. Not that they know of course. They are speculating and many are simply repeating what they have heard others say; and then mistakenly think these messages resonate with you. I’m not in

The referrals reality check: Why great work alone isn’t enough and 5 questions clients secretly ask before making referrals

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Besides having the longest title I have ever used, this post does two things.  Firstly I will debunk the idea that as long as you do great work and deliver outstanding value to your clients, they’ll tell everyone they know and you'll get loads of good new clients. The second element of

How to deliver advisory services for maximum success

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'How to deliver advisory services for maximum success' is the sub-title of a superb new book for accountants that I read recently. I'll share the author and title later in this post. Let's just say that I wish I had written this book, as I am already recommending it to accountants, without reservation. In

The 5 key issues to consider re your competition

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In this blog post I explain five key issues in the context of your competition as an accountant. I have discussed them many times with clients during mentoring sessions. Often I find an accountant's perception as to who is their competition is blinkered and limited. They are often shocked to realise they

The real reasons you need to do business advice properly

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If you’ve been around a while I am sure that you find the constant articles, posts and commentators telling accountants you have to move into advisory services both boring and repetitive.  I’ve been debunking the hype here for well over ten years. Many commentators have also been naively forecasting the end of compliance work.

How can a mature accountant start to market himself effectively?

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During our first mentoring conversation a mature accountant told me how they had been struggling to replace clients who had retired, died or gone bust. The practice was well established and he had never previously needed to spend much time or effort on marketing or promotion. He had done the basics. He

How to sack a problem client

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Almost every accountant I know will admit to having at least one client they wish they didn't have to deal with any more.  Go on. Try it for yourself. If you knew there would be no repercussions and no financial loss, which of your clients would you prefer never to have to

Want to add advisory services to your offering? Remember these 4 Ps.

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Thinking of expanding your service offerings? It doesn't matter whether you want to start providing 'advisory' services, tax advice or any other services. The same rules apply. And if you fail to take these into account you will struggle to make a success of your new 'offering'. If you are going to

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