How to deliver advisory services for maximum success

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'How to deliver advisory services for maximum success' is the sub-title of a superb new book for accountants that I read recently. I'll share the author and title later in this post. Let's just say that I wish I had written this book, as I am already recommending it to accountants, without reservation. In

Confidence is key but not if it’s based on naivety or, worse, deceit

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This true story helps to emphasise a key point - that may be relevant to your attitude with clients, colleagues and/or how you relate to staff with more specialised knowledge than you have yourself. Years ago, shortly after I had joined a new firm I remember an audit partner telling me about two tax

What is the key to accountants’ survival in the AI era?

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One of the biggest changes to be heralded by the introduction of AI so far as accountants are concerned, links to one of my long-term messages for accountants. How can you stand out from the competition? And, as a result, win more of the business you really want? Even before the launch

What can you do if you’re working too hard? Here are ten practical tips

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These days many accountants feel as if they are working harder than ever just to stand still. And that feeling seems worse if they are looking to actively grow their practice. The pressures and stresses of modern life are partly a function of newer forms of communication. Thirty years ago clients either wrote letters

Why so many clients are indifferent and don’t recommend you

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Many accountants claim that they secure much of their new work through word of mouth referrals. This suggests that clients are making positive comments about their accountants. They may do that if they're particularly happy but in the same way any unhappy clients will be quick to complain about their accountants. I've heard a

How to avoid giving free advice to prospects

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How to avoid giving away advice for free to prospective clients? I'm reminded of the old sex education message: Just say 'no'! As an accountant you are, I'm sure, well used to prospective clients seeking free advice. I think the most common reason accountants give themselves, when they give away advice for free to

A brave accountant admits he needs help and asks for it.

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An accountant approached me last week to ask whether any of the members of my Tax Advice Network would be willing to work with his practice on a regular basis? The answer was 'yes'. The background to this accountant's question was not uncommon. What I admired however was his desire to address the issue. And

How’s your self confidence and experience?

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In my experience many accountants have more potential to succeed than they themselves believe. They are better accountants than they are prepared to admit. And they deserve to be more successful than they have so far managed to be. Could this be true of you too? Equally there are plenty of accountants

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