Make it easy for your ideal clients. Like I try to do.

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I have long encouraged accountants, who can do so, to focus their marketing messages, website messages, social media and Linkedin activity on their target audience. I have also been attempting to practice what I preach. This leads to non-accountants asking what the heck do I mean now I reference “NED-style mentoring” everywhere? And also

Debunked: The ‘one thing’ you MUST do. There are 5 if you really want to be successful

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A popular approach to getting your attention (and often your money) is to tell you that there is ‘one thing’ you must do to achieve your ambitions and succeed. I see this all over the place, in blogs, articles, videos and social media posts. Those who suggest there is just 'one thing'

What does giving clients ‘added value’ really mean?

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I first wrote about this in 2012 when I explained that I don't believe that accountants’ clients really want 'added value'. Heresy? No. It's just I'm not a big fan of buzzwords. I believe it's more helpful to think about what anyone means when they say they want 'added value'. Typically accountants'

How’s your self confidence and experience?

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In my experience many accountants have more potential to succeed than they themselves believe. They are better accountants than they are prepared to admit. And they deserve to be more successful than they have so far managed to be. Could this be true of you too? Equally there are plenty of accountants

Make it easier for people to remember what you do

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We know, don’t we, that good communication is important in business. In my view, one of the most fundamental pieces of communication is how we talk about what we do.There are many challenges to be overcome here. We want to avoid sounding just like everyone else in the same field. We want our

Debunked: Can you really rely on referrals to sustain or grow your practice?

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Most established accountants running their own firms claim to get most of their new clients via referrals. I see at least three potential flaws with this perception. Firstly, it’s rarely based on empirical evidence. Often it is simply an easy answer to the question: 'Where do most of your new clients come

The marketing distractions accountants should avoid

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Before setting out those marketing distractions that I believe accountants should avoid I need to offer some context. Over 20 years ago, the start of the century(!) was when I began presenting talks to accountants about practice related matters. I quickly learned to avoid any mention of the M-word as, back then,

Improving the first impression of your online and website profiles

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I have never ‘swiped’ someone’s profile picture, as online dating didn’t exist when I met my wife in the 1980s. The whole concept of swiping is quite alien to me. I was curious though, so a while back, I asked a single friend to show me how the ‘swipe left’ and ‘swipe

Don’t make this marketing mistake especially if you are reliant on referrals

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I am frequently surprised when apparently successful accountants tell me that they know they should start being active on social media. And that they want to beef up their marketing activity. Both such aspirations typically reflect a belief in the mystical power of generic marketing and the hype surrounding social media activity.

What do you REALLY need to sell as an accountant?

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What do you really need to sell as an accountant? This is a simple enough question, and knowing the right answer could make a profound difference to the success of your practice. Let’s start with what you’re NOT selling. As I explained in a 2018 blog post, You are NOT selling your time.

The 5 key issues to consider re your competition

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In this blog post I explain five key issues in the context of your competition as an accountant. I have discussed them many times with clients during mentoring sessions. Often I find an accountant's perception as to who is their competition is blinkered and limited. They are often shocked to realise they

What is holding you back?

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Most accountants are justly proud of their technical skills. No doubt you make time to keep your technical knowledge up to date. Most accountants I know focus a majority of their CPD efforts here. Equally most accountants seem to undervalue the importance of ensuring that they have all the business skills they

How you can stop being scared of losing prospective new clients

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Many accountants appear to approach the idea of finding new clients with conflicted emotions. If you do this you are probably making life harder for yourself than it needs to be. On the one hand your website and marketing activities try to promote you and your firm as able to act for

6 ways you can stop making the same mistakes on social media as everyone else

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Regular readers will know that I am both very active on social media and highly ranked for my online influence (such as it is!) Equally you will also know that I do not routinely encourage accountants to use social media for promotional and marketing purposes. And I challenge the apparent evidence and

3 key lessons for accountants from….a children’s party entertainer!

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As a teenager, before I started studying to become an accountant, I was a children's party entertainer - and I continued doing this for about 25 years. When I look back I realise that I quickly learned 3 key lessons that now, many years later, still inform my thinking and advice to

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