Linkedin Masterclass for Accountants and Bookkeepers

This exclusive one-hour Linkedin masterclass webinar on Thursday 19th May is tailored for accountants and bookkeepers and will be personally presented by the highly rated, uniquely qualified and very experienced Mark Lee FCA.


Rather than a generic session covering everything anyone could do on Linkedin, you’ll get focused, relevant, simple to follow advice tailored specifically for accountants and bookkeepers.

This is your chance to sort your Linkedin profile so that it attracts and influences the people you want it to do. And you’ll also learn what is and what isn’t worth YOU doing on Linkedin.

This masterclass will suit you if you simply want to present yourself effectively on Linkedin.  And this is also a necessary starting point if you intend to be more active and to use Linkedin to source new leads and clients. So Mark will address this too. All the time he will be focused on what is worthwhile for accountants and bookkeepers.

You’ll find that Mark doesn’t spend time telling you how to get random likes, reactions and comments. These are rarely worth the time and effort. If you follow that generic advice then you will probably only be engaging with your friends, with other accountants and bookkeepers and with sales people and small business owners who want you to become clients of theirs!

We all know that’s not really helpful, so with Mark you’ll learn what you, as an accountant, need to do to get the right type of leads.

One past attendee, who was already very active on Linkedin, commented that one of Mark’s tips had blown her mind as to how easy he made it to find prospective clients for her practice.


Mark Lee’s approach is very different to the advice that others share which is typically more suited to sales and marketing people, coaches and lawyers. So much of their advice just isn’t necessary or relevant for most accountants and bookkeepers. Why waste your time with advice that wasn’t designed for people like you?


12.30-13.30 hrs GMT online Thursday 19th May. You can log on and chat with Mark from noon. Let him know your questions, issues and challenges and he’ll address them either immediately or during the masterclass.


Limited capacity to ensure you get what you need.


– Complete your profile and ensure it impresses the right people
– Build your network without adding random connections and salespeople
– Leverage the power of LinkedIn WITHOUT a paid-for account (saving £39.99 per month)
– Stop wasting time copying stuff that doesn’t work
– Make the right connections for you and your practice
– 5 ways to find ideal clients using Linkedin (once you’ve sorted out your profile)
– Your recommended 5 a day (need take no more than 15 minutes a day)

WHY LISTEN TO MARK LEE? Mark lee's Linkedin profile header

– 100% positive feedback from all previous attendees
– Linkedin SSI score of 85/100 (About as high as you’ll ever see!)
– Consistently ranked in the top 1% Linkedin users in the accounting profession
– More than 12,000 Linkedin followers
– Over 10 years experience of advising accountants on effective use of Linkedin
– Qualified FCA and previously in practice for over 25 years
– Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association


All attendees will also receive links to a short series of Mark’s 5 minute ‘how to’ videos showing you, step by step, how to enhance your Linkedin profile. And attendees will also be able to seek any reasonable follow up support or clarification direct from Mark.


This exclusive masterclass contains the best bits taken from various presentations Mark has delivered in recent years along with practical tips he shares 1-2-1 with accountants who engage him for advice and support.


Full price tickets are £89 but you can save £60 if you book today and pay just £29 (no VAT)  to join us on Thursday 19th May – Use promotion code: MAY60



We’ll send over the zoom link details and invoices later.