Engaging  me as your mentor is like a sportsperson engaging a coach to achieve greater success in their chosen field. This is what I will do for you. I will help boost your success.

Intial Session

Focused One – Off

Focused – 60-90 mins online support

Share your background, where you are, what you’re worried about and what you want to achieve in the short and long term.

We discuss what actions you could be taking in the immediate future. You clear your head. I help you prioritise and get motivated. And I follow up with notes and related materials as appropriate, all for just £395*.

*NB: Members of my Sole Practice Club qualify for a special rate


Flexi Mentoring & NED-Style Support

This programme involves us having multiple conversations where we focus on you making Progress as we resolve your Problems and focus on Priorities and Possibilities.

Our, typically monthly, conversations will be focused, flexible and fun. During each session expect me to prompt, encourage, support and motivate you to get on with the things you need to be doing, to resolve your challenges, overcome difficulties and explore opportunities.

Is This Right For You?

You are a sole practitioner accountant (with or without staff and contractors) and you do not feel as successful as you would like to be.

You know you could feel better about your practice or that you could simply be more successful. You feel that you would benefit from my insights, support, care, encouragement and advice borne of experience rather than theory.

NB: Sorry but I’m NOT the right person to support you if you are only planning to move into practice or have only very recently started your practice.

What Is Involved?

The mentoring relationship is personal and confidential. My mentoring style involves a mix of support, consulting, encouragement, coaching, challenges, motivation and inspiration. I will encourage you to take action and hold you to account to ensure it is all worthwhile.

When you work with me you get the full benefit of the lessons, experience and insights I accumulated during my 25 years in practice as well as the insights I have gained from mentoring, coaching, speaking and writing for many hundreds of accountants.

In addition to regular calls you also have ad-hoc email support, access to dozens of checklists, white papers and tip sheets and my personal promise to do all that I can to help you to achieve the success you deserve.

Book a Discovery Call ?

Book a FREE 15 mins support call to see if mentoring is right for you and your business. No obligation to commit to anything more  than 15 minutes of your time

Why Me?

Typically accountants first approach me when they have a burning issue and are unsure how to move forwards.

They use me as a sounding board, a non-exec or a source of relevant knowledge, experience and insights – to provide support and help them clarify their real options, to make the best choice, to save time, to generate more clients or to become more profitable.

Every accountant I work with is different. For example, you may want to discuss your business strategy, marketing, networking, staffing, day to day challenges or how to handle unusual client situations. The list of topics raised with me is endless.

Additionally accountants often thank me for discouraging them from wasting time and/or money on initiatives that would divert them or not generate the results they seek.

I am only able to commit to supporting up to 10 accountants a year with my Flexi-mentoring and NED-style support below.

The Detail

Flexi Mentoring & NED-Style Support

Simply choose the approach that best suits you. Most clients choose monthly sessions but you can have them more frequently if you prefer.

Mark One

    Online Sessions

    • Typically 30 – 45 minutes 


    • No follow up or flexibility.


    • Each session, paid via DD: £245
    • Pack of 4 sessions: £900
    • Pack of 12 sessions over any period up to 12 months: £2,750

    Mark Two

      Online Sessions

      • Typically 45 – 75 minutes


      • Follow up emails as appropriate
      • Occasional extra calls when you need ad-hoc advice/guidance.


      • Each session, paid via DD: £350
      • Pack of 4 sessions over any period from one month to one year: £1,250
      • Pack of 12 sessions over any period up to 12 months: £3,400

      Mark Three


      Online Sessions

      • Typically 60-90 minutes


      • Supporting notes, templates and checklists as appropriate
      • Occasional extra calls when you need ad-hoc advice/guidance
      • Personal video recorded guidance and follow up to remind you of key points, tips, advice and insights we discussed.


      • Each session, paid via DD: £695
      • Pack of 4 sessions over any period from one month to one year: £2,500
      • Pack of 12 sessions over any period up to 12 months: £7,300

      Payment is due in advance of each session – with regular sessions covered by a Direct Debit mandate (which you can cancel at any time).

      Discounts for packs of 4 and 12 sessions only available when invoiced and paid up front.

      NB: Obviously I treat everything you tell me in the strictest confidence and would never share or reveal any of it to anyone else. My talks, articles and blogs sometimes contain oblique references to my clients’ experiences. But I always ensure that these are totally anonymised – such that you might not even recognise the origin of a story that was inspired by my conversation with you.

      Once agreed I normally then send you the following and we can then fix the dates for your initial sessions:


      • My MOST to clarify what you want to achieve by the end of our time together
      • A template agenda to help guide our sessions and keep us on track
      • A one page mentoring agreement to clarify our respective responsibilities and obligations

      What To Do Next

      Let’s have a brief conversation to check we are happy to work together. You can book a time that suits us both here