I came across an intriguing website recently that is worth referencing on this blog.

It will be of interest to ambitious accountants seeking a new job or who work in one of the larger firms.  One of the guys behind  WikiJob tells me that:

We challenge large accountancy employers by offering their employees and prospective employees (students and graduates) the chance to rate and discuss them and their recruitment procedures.

The list of around 70 firms’ profiles discussed on the site already includes most of the ‘usual’ suspects and some smaller ones too – including a fair few that are NOT centred on London.

The Wiki profiles are open for anyone to edit, which means the information inside them has been written by both candidates and companies. For those whose only knowledge of a Wiki is Wikipedia it’s worth noting that a wiki is a collaborative writing effort where users can create, edit and publish articles. Wikipedia is simply the most well known wiki.

Here’s a great 3 and a half minute video that explains what a wiki is in Plain English and how it works. It’s very clear – if you can bear the heavy american accent.


I think I would have enjoyed contributing to such a site earlier in my career. I would probably also have  benefitted from using it as, over the years I was in practice, I worked for or had interviews with many of the firms listed!

Have a look at  WikiJob if it’s of interest and do please provide some feedback here by way of comments on this post.