6 factors for accountants to consider before paying to be listed on directory sites

In a separate post I have listed the existing and about-to-be-launched online directory sites for accountants in the UK. They are all intended to appeal to people using the internet to search for a new accountant.

The value of paying to be included in any such directory site seems to depend on at least six things:

1) Search results

The directory on which you are listed must appear sufficiently high up the search results and be sufficiently compelling to attract interest from users searching for a new accountant;  Bear in mind that those people will not all use consistent search terms and some will be more expert at using search engines than others.

2) User willingness to use the directory

Sufficient numbers of those users must be willing to ignore both the direct links to accountants who come up in the natural search results and those whose ads appear in the pay per click ads on the right hand side of the search results screen;  And these people need to be the sort of new clients you would like to attract as new clients.

3) Non-search related promotion of the online directory

Some directories may promote and seek interest from users who see adverts for the online directory in the conventional business or personal finance press, on relevant discussion forums and through social media.

4) Site useability

Sufficient numbers of users must find the directory service easy to use and do not abandon their search before finding what they seek.

5) Your directory entry/activity

Your directory listing and/or response to enquiries needs to be more compelling than those of your local competition.

6) Your website / closing ability

If the directory site links to your website, how easy is it for a new visitor to satisfy themselves that they should get in touch? How easy is it for them to find your phone number and a name of someone to ask for? And how good are you at converting such enquiries into new clients?  (I have addressed a similar point many time before on this blog in the context both of social media and of websites for accountants)

Have I missed anything?  What sort of experiences have you had re online directory listings?

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Mark Lee FCA is an accountancy focused futurist, influencer, speaker, mentor, author and debunker.


  1. cheap accountant 21st December 2011 at 11:25 pm - Reply

    I find that adding my website to a directory is only good for moving my own website up the rankings in Google. If the directory ranks well in Google and also allows me to use my choice of anchor text then I’m far more likely to list on the site as this gives me the maximum benefit.

  2. Bookkeeping Services London 5th March 2012 at 11:24 am - Reply

    Yes, I find personally that the main use of being listed on directories is to improve the ranking of our website and improve it’s position on the first page of Google. I’m not aware of receiving many enquiries from potential clients who have found us on a directory and have then called us.
    We do however gets lots of calls from potential clients who have found us on a Google search and have then called us….

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