I was interviewed recently for a magazine piece about longer-term trends and changes in the accountancy profession. In this blog post I share my thoughts on one of the topics we discussed.

Where will accountants operate from in the future?

The options at the moment tend to be high street office, above a shop, off high street office, home or serviced office.

With increased rent and rates, reduced need to storage space, more cloud working and more remote working the options increase and could include:

1 – A hub of accountants or professionals (maybe a precursor to becoming a multi disciplinary practice) or maybe simply to share overheads – as in Barristers Chambers

2 – Increased use of facilities such as NearDesk – which is a variation on and less expensive than serviced office facilities. You will want access to 2 or 3 screens to be efficient so simply working from a laptop in a coffee shop is probably not a long term solution.

3 – Virtual offices – maybe where you work from home but have a back drop that hangs from the ceiling to shield your personal space from view when you use skype, Google hangout or other forms of video conferencing. Or maybe the technology will evolve so that it can create a virtual backdrop of a virtual office!

The more time we spend working, the more we want and deserve to have a pleasant working environment. Gone are the days when accountants have to operate from a pokey office that makes you miserable just thinking about it.

Where do you think you might operate your practice from in a few years time?