What lessons can YOU learn from my 237 posts on Linkedin during 2020?

Jan 5, 2021 | Lead generation, Linkedin

Having written 237 posts for Linkedin during 2020 (in addition to the hundreds written in previous years) I have summarised and updated what I have learned so as to help you maximise the engagement and reach of your posts on Linkedin in 2021.  I can also offer you a key piece of advice you won’t get elsewhere if your main interest in Linkedin is ‘lead generation’.

Throughout the year I tracked and compared the views, reactions and comments that each of my posts secured.

My tracking includes what happens in the first 2 hours, the first 24 hours, the first 48 hours and then the total per post. I also looked to see what factors may have influenced both my top performing posts and those which underperformed too.

I have been active on Linkedin for over ten years and now have over 11,300 connections (that’s about 1,000 more than this time last year) – with another 600+ followers – marginally up on last year. My Linkedin  SSI score has been consistent at 85/100 all year – putting me in the top 1% of all 4 SSI measures.

In theory then I should be doing better than most. I certainly try.

In a well researched and detailed article that I posted on Linkedin on 2 Jan 2020 I have debunked much of the hype written by those who simply repeat what they have heard elsewhere without evidencing what actually works – even for them.

I have also debunked some of the advice given by those who imply that what works in one sector (eg: marketing or coaching) will work for everyone else too. My experience suggests that is is not the case! And I suspect that I track and analyse my posts more than most normal people do! 😉

KEY POINT: I have concluded that I cannot game the system – and that I certainly wouldn’t pay anyone to help me try! Similarly it’s likely to be a waste of your time and money too. Nothing I have tried works consistently. We each need to find our own way to get value from posting on Linkedin. Typically this means simply follow the best and most basic advice – to focus on serving our target audience, rather than on hoping that promotional posts will help us to win business or even get high view numbers that might in turn lead to business.

LEAD GENERATION: Few of my posts on Linkedin are intended to generate business leads. That would be a really tough target to meet even with the frequency of my posts and related activity on Linkedin.

In my experience most accountants who are considering becoming more active on Linkedin want to use it for lead generation and/or to boost their profile. If this is your primary objective I recommend you adopt a more focused and pro-active approach rather than spend your time posting too often on Linkedin.

As I explain when I run Linkedin lead gen sessions for accountants there are 5 quite basic things you need to address before you start using Linkedin for lead generation or even to build your profile. Once you have sorted those there are then 3 very simple free things you can do to short-cut the online business networking process. That’s the real magic of Linkedin!

I’m happy to work with you 1-2-1 or to present Linkedin focused lead gen sessions for your office or team. Until such time as face to face sessions are again possible though I can only offer online sessions, on a day and time of your choosing:

29 mins – £325 (plus VAT) for this quick session via Zoom. Little time for interaction

58 mins – £599 (plus VAT) for a more relaxed session via Zoom with some time for interactions

87 mins – £799 (plus VAT) for this relaxed deeper dive via Zoom with more time for real time tailored examples and Q&As

If this seems like a good idea, please pick a day and time for us to have a chat to fix something up >>>

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