This time last year I reviewed my website and blog stats for 2012. That provides some comparison for this review of the 2013 stats. In summary, visitor numbers and blog posts read are all significantly up on previous years. I am delighted that an increasing number of accountants seem to find what I write to be of interest and value.

Blog posts each year

2013 – 68 (thus maintaining my target of at least one per week)

2012 – 70

2011 – 56;   2010 – 59;  2009 – 59;   2008 – 109;  2007 – 93;   2006 – 52

Visitor numbers

According to my WordPress stats the site has averaged over 20,000 visitors a month this year. From August to December the average has risen to more than 25,000 visitors per month. This is over 1,000 each working day and more than double the average monthly visitor numbers in 2012.

The site attracted more visitors in the last year (244,000+) than in the two previous years (204,000 in 2011 and 2012) together.

The monthly average for 2012 was over 11,000 visitors and average page reads were almost 17,000 a month. In 2013 average page reads were double this, at over 34,000 views per month.

The day the site had most visitors was 17 September 2013 (1,272 visitors). This was the day after I posted an item: 

But as this has only had 647 reads (even as I type), it is more likely to have been the previous item I posted that caused the visitor spike after I flagged this post in my weekly newsletter:

Popular Blog Posts

Most of the 2013 blog posts were initially only seen by a few hundred people. This rises over time and most have now been read 700-1,200 times. Some have been read by as many as three or four thousand.

The top ten blog posts and pages of the site according to wordpress, in terms of the number of times they have been viewed/read are as follows. Figures in brackets are those recorded a year ago:

  1. (1) Welcome 44,110 (19,481) This is the main landing page for my website.
  2. (-) What’s your approach to the provision of business advice? 22,441  For the first time the top blog post is one aimed at my target audience. But it dates back to 2012 so must have been showing up in search results.
  3. (3) Examples of good facebook pages for accountants 14,463 (7,059)  The most popular of the posts I wrote in 2012 is often found through searches for information on this topic.
  4. (2) Three elements of communication – and the so called “7%-38%-55% Rule” 11,773 (7,374)  I got lucky with this title in 2008. It transpires this is a popular search term. NB: Few of the visitors who read it have any interest in anything else I write or do.
  5. (-) Five modern marketing tips for accountants  9,231 This popular searched for topic has generated loads of interest in what is now a 5 year old blog post from January 2009.
  6. (8) How do you set charge out rates? 9,076 (3,138) This is a popular searched for topic. The post in question is now over 5 years old.
  7. (10) Why accountants don’t NEED to bother with twitter 8,439 (3,072)  Promoted by me and by others who challenge the logic of this 5 year old post. It’s as true today as it was in 2008.
  8. (9) The Easter Bunny shows us how NOT to network 6,191 (4,260)  Surprisingly popular – possibly due to the odd title appealing when people search for ‘How not to network’. Again though, many visitors are not my target audience. Still, the post does include links to other key pages of the website.
  9. (-) Will you get paid more for iXBRL accounts? 6,039 I am mystified as to why this post from August 2010 has been so, relatively, popular this year
  10. (4) Twitter 5,346 (4,926) This page contains links to my various posts on related topics.


The oddest stat is the one showing where the 450,926 (206,000) readers of my blog (since records began in December 2010) are based:

  • United States – 173,000 (80,492) It is possible that this includes everyone arriving via web services hosted in the US.
  • United Kingdom – 65,631 (31,971)
  • China – 64,777 (15,028)
  • Unknown – 38,986 (35,178) It would be nice to think these are all in the UK but even then I would still have more apparent visitors from the US than from my target UK audience. Interestingly the figure has only increased very slightly on last year.
  • France – 15,912 (not shown last year)
  • Germany – Not shown this year (4,438)

The remainder come from dozens of other countries around the globe. Between them all my visitors have apparently read 728, 284 (321,821) items/pages of the site over the last three years. Again that suggests more has been read in the last year than in the two previous years together.

What does 2014 hold for the blog? There are some changes coming that I hope will increase the level of interaction and business that the site and blog generate. After all the number of visitors and of pages read is simply of academic interest. Whilst it’s nice for my pieces to be popular I intend to make the site more commercially successful going forwards too!