This will be the third time I have posted an annual review of my website and blog stats. It’s as much for posterity as it is for those who may be interested in such things. The 2013 review can be found here>>>

Once again, visitor numbers and blog posts read are all significantly up on previous years. I am delighted that an increasing number of professionals (not just accountants) seem to find what I write to be of interest and value.

Blog posts each year

2014 – 64; 2013 – 68; 2012 – 70; 2011 – 56; 2010 – 59;

2009 – 59; 2008 – 109; 2007 – 93; 2006 – 52

Visitor numbers

According to my WordPress stats the site has averaged over 30,000 visitors a month this year (2013: over 20,000).

The day the site had most visitors was 29 October 2014 (1,716) which is 35% up on last year’s most visited day which had just 1,272 visitors.

Popular Blog Posts

The top ten blog posts and pages of the site according to wordpress, in terms of the number of times they have been viewed/read are as follows. Figures in brackets are those recorded a year ago:

(1) Welcome 66,750 (44,110) This is the main landing page for my website.
(-) Giving constructive feedback 43,491 A post that has risen in popularity since it was first posted in 2008.
(5) Five modern marketing tips for accountants 31,112 (9,231) This popular searched for topic has generated loads of interest in what is now a 6 year old blog post from January 2009.
(6) How do you set charge out rates? 30,600 (9,076) Another popular searched for topic that has promoted interest in another 6 year old blog post.
(2) What’s your approach to the provision of business advice? 27,919 (22,441) This one only dates back to 2012 and has seens a smaller growth in readership during 2014 than the posts above.
(3) Examples of good facebook pages for accountants 20,604 (14,463) The most popular of the posts I wrote in 2012 is often found through searches for information on this topic.
(9) Will you get paid more for iXBRL accounts? 20,341 (6,039) I remain mystified as to why this niche post from August 2010 has again been so, relatively, popular this year
(4) Three elements of communication – and the so called “7%-38%-55% Rule” 17,501 (11,773) I got lucky with this title in 2008. It transpires this is a very popular searched for topic. NB: I doubt that many of the visitors who read it have any interest in anything else I write or do.
(-) Lessons for accountants from… dating sites 15,798. A popular post from 2013 that was not in the top ten at the end of that year.
(7) Why accountants don’t NEED to bother with twitter 13,288 (8,439) Promoted by me and by others who challenge the logic of this 6 year old post. It’s as true today as it was in 2008.
I will post a separate list of the top ten most read blog posts from 2014.