It seems to be customary to post anniversary notes on blogs – partly because it’s quite an achievement to keep going for a decent length of time.

I started this as a blog for ‘Ambitious Professionals‘ in May 2006 after a new business contact suggested that it would be far more beneficial than a conventional website. He was right. It’s also been more fun!

When I started blogging I think I saw it primarily as a way to promote my talks and my business coaching services. It still is, to a degree, but I also use the blog to float ideas, start discussions and to, effectively, draft new material to support my talks and training sessions. Recently I collated twenty posts from this blog and provided them as the supporting material for a talk I have been presenting in various forms for over 6 years. In the past I had merely supplied copy slides when speaking about How to make more profits from your smaller clients.

Six months ago I launched the Tax Advice Network – a further service for accountants although this one is focused on the provision of tax support and advice, especially when clients need tax help that goes beyond the accountant’s comfort zone. The Network website contains it’s own (tax focused) blog and we also publish a free weekly practical tax update written specifically for accountants in general practice.  Around 900 accountants have already registered on our website and feedback is very positive. We also have 20 tax advisers around the country providing tax support when they are contacted by our users who choose who to use by reference to the tax advisers’ profiles, ratings, testimonials and articles.

These days most of my time is devoted to promoting and developing the Tax Advice Network, both 1-2-1 and through my writing, blogging and talks around the country – but I still make time to undertake a small number of business coaching assignments as I get a buzz from being able to make a difference and helping people close the gap between where they and the practice are and where they want to be.

I also realised that most of my work was with accountants and tax advisers so recently changed the title of the blog to Ambitious Accountants although many of the topics I write about are equally relevant to other ambitious professionals.

And let’s not forget the other (far more popular) blog I update regularly: Accountant jokes and fun. I thought it best to keep that separate from this one to avoid confusing my audience and the search engines. Maybe I should combine them now. What do you think?