I noted last week that I was not one for making predictions generally. Instead I simply set out my (accountancy related )hopes for 2008.

Since then I’ve had cause to consider what new trends there may be this year. Here’s what I’ve said:

1 – More clients will be texting communications to their accountants. NB: how do you print off any such instructions if you want to retain an audit trail of evidence? (instant messaging using skype will also become more prevalent but you can print these off, as you can emails;

2 – Increased use of VoIP (principally Skype*) in place of telephone;

3 – Accountants who complain that they can’t recruit the people they need will eventually get around to upgrading the material on their websites so as to attract the talent they seek. I have written extensively about this on my blog in recent months.

* NB: Since expressing this view on AccountingWeb I’ve heard from Dennis Howlett who has indicated that an alternative provider of Voip (Gizmo) will, in his (more informed) view be more attractive than Skype which he considers to be too flaky for general use. I suppose I’m hoping that skype will overcome its current limitations – not that I’ve experienced them myself.

On the tax front I will make one specific prediction. That, sadly there will be:

Absolute mayhem in October 2008 when taxpayers attempt to meet the new tax return filing deadline for the first time.

And as many have predicted for years there will be a continuing and growing demand for by clients for more than ‘just’ accounts and tax return services from their accountants each year. Again I’ve been blogging about this for some time too.