Mark’s expertise

Mark’s expertise has been built up over a long career including many years at the top of the accounting and tax professions. Whilst he has long addressed a wide range of topics and issues, he specialises in those he is most often asked to address, in his talks, when mentoring accountants and when providing them with strategic advice:

  • Strategic lead generation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Business development
  • Linkedin strategies
  • Practice strategy
  • Social media strategies
  • Generating referrals
  • Standing out from the competition
  • Business messaging

Mark’s Presentations for Professional Success

Mark Lee is an accomplished and entertaining professional speaker – both on stage and online. He is equally at home when presenting keynote talks at conferences and when delivering tailored, motivating and inspiring talks for partners and staff members in an office, remote location, via a webinar or zoom.

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Over the years Mark has been commended for his keynote speeches and talks at conferences for professional bodies, associations, banks and professional firms.

Hope alone will not enable any professional to build their careers or to grow their client base. Neither will networking, marketing or social media. Not unless people remember, refer and recommend or recruit you for the type of work you want, for the type of clients you want and for the fees you want. How easy do you make it for anyone to do this?

Adapting his talks to suit different audiences Mark Lee always shares dozens of ideas that will help you to STAND OUT from others in the profession in a positive and relevant way. Although some people may choose to do this in a brash way but you can learn how to get even better outcomes in ways that suit you and your personality. There is no need to be tacky, loud, arrogant or aggressive.

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Title: Be ReMARKable and show you are more than just another….

The key to achieving greater success in your field often requires you to be more influential and to better evidence your credibility. At the same time you need to make it easy for people to Remember you, to Refer you and to Recommend you (3Rs), more so than your competitors. This is equally true for your face to face interactions and for those you have online too.

Mark’s keynote talk is built around his easy to recall framework of 7 simple success strategies. The more of these you choose to apply the more likely you are to win more work and to be remembered, referred and recommended. But the choice is yours. Unlike some speakers Mark doesn’t demand that everyone follows the same route to success or that the same techniques will work for everyone.

During this entertaining, illuminating and distinct presentation you will learn:
    • Why you need to STAND OUT in a positive way from others who do what you do
    • The 4 suits approach to having more powerful conversations
    • Key elements of effective online profiles
    • How to adopt the 3Ms to avoid wasting time and money on your marketing and networking
    • How to adapt your presentations so they have more impact
    • The 7 fundamental principles that determine how well you STAND OUT from your competition

Title: Debunked: Social media lies and how to really make it work

Love it or loathe it, social media isn’t going away.  On the one hand it is wildly misunderstood. On the other hand it is vastly over hyped. Professional firms can choose to ignore social media but, in so doing, will probably miss out on various related benefits and opportunities. Equally, it is all too easy to invest time and money that is never going to deliver the desired objectives.

Mark has presented this session as a keynote talk and as a longer interactive workshop at firms’ away days. He started using social media in 2006. By 2011 Accountancy Age described him as one of the most socially networked accountants. He is now consistently one of the highest ranked online influencers of the accountancy profession.  However he remains cynical about the way that some people hype up the benefits of social media. As an independent user and commentator he has no agenda beyond ensuring that his clients have clear achievable commercial objectives.

During this entertaining, illuminating and debunking presentation you will learn:

  • what is and what is not possible on each social media platform
  • why it is important to treat Linkedin very differently to other platforms
  • how to get most value from each social media platform
  • how to use social media for lead generation, and
  • how to avoid wasting time and money on social media activity.

Title: Using Linkedin to STAND OUT and win more business

Linkedin is quite distinct from other forms of so-called ‘social media’. Over half of the UK business population has a profile registered on Linkedin, so clearly it is no longer a focus only for recruiters, job hunters and spammers. It has enormous potential value for lead generation and related business activities.
Accountants don’t need to be Linkedin experts to get more business through this amazing online business networking facility. Whether you like it or not, it’s another ‘shop window’ for your wares and enables your prospects to compare you with your peers. It’s also a simple route to finding more prospects and business.
Mark is recognised as one of the highest ranked online influencers in his profession and among UK speakers. He has been an active user of Linkedin for many years and now has over 11,000 connections on the site. He rarely connects with complete strangers, rarely receives spam and rarely gets ignored on the site. He has received over 100 recommendations on the site and many hundreds of endorsements on his profile.
Audiences for this talk (which can also be presented as a more detailed workshop) will learn:
  • The single biggest mistake most people make on their Linkedin profile
  • 5 key elements of your profile that determine whether it works for you
  • 3 simple ways to find your ideal prospects on Linkedin
  • How to save time networking (on and offline); and
  • Loads more practical tips and advice borne of experience rather than hype.

This session is always content rich, practical and commercial. Unlike some Linkedin experts who present generic advice Mark always tailors his talks and masterclasses to specific audiences. Alongside his positive advice and enthusiasm he also debunks myths, hype and misunderstandings – especially as regards social media and Linkedin.

Other talk titles:

  • Play your cards right to win the referrals game
  • How to ensure that your Networking activity is more successful and more fun
  • How to overcome the hype and make a success of social media
  • Easy ways to boost your profits and practice with advisory services
  • The secrets to generating more of the referrals you really want
  • Moving more into advisory – you can do it, better, faster and more easily than you thought

Virtual sessions include:

MMMMM – Mastering the 5 Ms for you and your firm – Ideal if your business development activities are a little unfocused and you are struggling to win the new clients and work you really want to be doing.

How to be remarkable and more than ‘just another accountant’ – Explore the options and choose how you want to stand out and be better remembered, referred and recommended.

Creating a MAGIC Linkedin profile – Even if you do not plan to be active on Linkedin, this is a necessary step to getting any real value from this online business networking platform

Linkedin success in 15 minutes a day – Stop wasting time on random activities and focus on doing what will ensure you get the best return on your time.

Lead generation using Linkedin – Basic and advanced opportunities to use Linkedin effectively to source the leads you really want.

Debunking the social media hype for accountants – You can only hope to get success from social media when you understand what does and what doesn’t work and how each platform operates in real life – beyond the hype.


To discuss whether Mark is available and right for your event, conference or workshop, please get in touch. You can email Mark directly on , call him on 07769 692890 or book a convenient time to speak with him using this link >>>