I’ve often mentioned that clients like to think that their accountant is on their side. That their accountant is not simply entering figures into a computer programme and reporting on the outcome. That their accountant is taking active steps to reduce the tax payable.

I’ve just found the sentence below which I had set up as a draft blog post. I don’t recall if I read it or made it up myself during a seminar perhaps. It’s possible. But, in case not, my apologies if I should credit someone else. It’s worth sharing though.

I think that this or something like this would go down really well with many clients – assuming it’s true of course. Remember clients won’t know that you’re helping them to pay less tax unless you tell them you do it. And given it’s the service that most clients typically value more than any other……

How about including the following sentiment in your letters  and emails when you write to clients each year?

“We’ve taken all the steps we can to reduce your tax liability – this is all the tax you will now have to pay.”

If you have any similar ideas or related thoughts please share them as comments below.