Someone who is perceived as Boring is often also perceived as possessing a host of very POSITIVE qualities. It sort of goes with the territory.

So, ‘boring’ accountants tend also to be:

  • methodical
  • disciplined
  • knowledgeable
  • professional
  • scrupulous
  • honest
  • ethical
  • trustworthy
  • detail focused
  • serious
  • cautious
  • predictable
  • reliable

and they like lists! ;-)

These are all positive qualities that most people would want their accountant to possess. So please don’t assume that my ‘Boring Is Optional’ campaign is predicated on the idea that Boring is Bad. It’s not. I simply think it is better to project all those good qualities and not also to be perceived as Boring.

There’s no doubt that being Boring is invariably considered to be a negative attribute. And this is generally due to other qualities principally related to how we communicate, how we look and how we sound.  I’ll return to this idea in later posts.

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