During one of my talks I ask the delegates whether the risk of a PI claim keeps them awake at night. By far the majority answer ‘No’ but a number of people add a qualifying statement:


· [added later] Not until this talk

· But I should!

· Doesn’t keep me awake but it is always a worry in the current litigious society in which we live;

· As I’m not a partner but I believe it is quite easy for an adviser to unwittingly become a victim of a PI claim – eg: due to admin staff misfiling papers etc;

· Hopefully trust is enough and our systems catch any problems;

· I am a bad sleeper anyway!

· I trust the Almighty.

· I try to leave the office behind me when I go home;

· It has not done so far but by the end of your presentation I may do in future!

· PI claims do concern me but don’t keep me awake;

· The partners in the firm do it for me;

· Very limited risk on the advice that I give;

· Not usually – I do my worrying during the day!

· What’s PI for? Insurers should be kept awake, not me.

Tomorrow I will post a sample of the comments made by those who admitted that the risk of PI claims does keep them awake at night. In the meantime perhaps you’ll want to consider what your reaction would be to the question.