As a long time supporter of the excellent work done by LITRG I’m pleased to note that they have recently launched for accountants and other advisers.

This new website is designed to provide advisers with access to the latest information on various HMRC ‘products’, including tax credits, child benefit and guardian’s allowance, national minimum wage and more.

LITRG has been keen to do more to support advisers who have to grapple with the “giving” side of HMRC activity, in particular, tax credits and child benefit. The new Revenuebenefits website was created with the support of HMRC and in partnership with Rightsnet.

Those who have heard almost any of my various talks over the years will also know that I routinely stress the importance of being able to advise on these issues – especially tax credits which, for example, may be due to clients when their business falls on hard times – but only if they have pre-registered.