Just felt I should recognise this as no one else will do so.

The top ten blog posts since I started this blog in April 2006 have been:

  1. Three elements of communication – and the so called “7%-38%-55% Rule” 7388
  2. Examples of good facebook pages for accountants 7075
  3. Twitter 4929
  4. The Easter Bunny shows us how NOT to network 4269
  5. How do you set charge out rates? 3176
  6. Twitter is not for accountants 3099
  7. Networking strategy – plan your follow up beforehand 2547
  8. Will you get paid more for iXBRL accounts? 2036
  9. Why weren’t all accountants promoting those tax schemes? 1982
  10. What’s your approach to the provision of ‘business advice’? 1921

The numbers are the viewer numbers during 2011 and 2012 as WordPress analytics only started counting on 30 December 2010.

My apologies that this is so similar to a recent post re my website analytics for 2012.