Here’s a quick checklist to review in case your Linkedin profile is giving the impression that you are boring. That will certainly the case if your profile matches all ten!

  1. Photo: None or one of you sitting at a desk.  Note the additional prominence given to photos in the ‘new look’ profile layouts.
  2. Headline: Accountant. Nothing more, nothing less.
  3. Skills and expertise: None or simply compliance focused recurring services.
  4. Recommendations: None given and none received.
  5. Groups: Either ‘None’ or you only belong to those with the word ‘accountants’ in the title [Edit 2020: Groups are pretty irrelevant on Linkedin these days]
  6. Summary (of current role): Description of your accountancy practice.
  7. Previous roles: Absence of any detail of interest
  8. Websites: Not personalised
  9. Interests: ‘None’ or only those related to your role as an accountant
  10. Status updates: Either ‘None’ or self promotional

If you don’t make the effort you make it all too easy for people to assume you fit the archetypal stereotype. To be successful you need to stand out from the crowd.