A good few years ago I spent some time researching why so many people assume accountants are boring. I distilled their views down to ten key reasons which it seems I have not shared on this blog previously. So here they are for posterity, in no particular order!

  1. Accountancy and auditing seem boring – therefore accountants must be boring
  2. The classic Monty Python sketch and other TV and media references to boring accountants
  3. The absence of positive accountant role models in TV programmes and films
  4. As accountants we don’t get our moment in court – or any other exciting punch line
  5. Our attention to detail and the way we can be pedantic
  6. There ARE some boring accountants around
  7. Our high levels of integrity which sound threatening and boring
  8. There aren’t enough famous and interesting accountants
  9. Career profiling that directs nerds into accountancy
  10. Many of our positive qualities go hand in hand with the ‘boring’ persona
  11. There are so many jokes about boring accountants

If you are tempted to point out the deliberate error in the title of this blog post, please see number 5 above!

I would note that, over the years, very few of the accountants I have met could be described as ‘boring’. It does seem to me to be only the exception that proves the rule.

Nevertheless you still need to STAND OUT positively from other accountants. It’s not enough to ‘not be boring’. If you’d like my free guide to the 7 ways in which you could STAND OUT, without moving outside your comfort zone, you can get it (no charge) here >>>