Accountants and Non-Accountants

The support you could secure from Mark depends initially on whether or not you are in the accountancy profession. This is his specialist focus.


Full details of the support accountants can secure from Mark are set out here >>>>


Mark also works with non-accountants and other professionals, principally:

  • those who require similar support and advice to that which he provides to accountants;
  • those who are targeting accountants and want to better understand them;
  • those who are willing to invest in accelerating their access to accountants

How could Mark support you?

It depends what you think you need and what you are prepared to invest to get it. Mark’s services range from those which are free through to the premium priced consultancy and 1-2-1 mentoring service at the foot of the page.


You want general insights, tips and ideas to help you stand out and become more successful…

  • Try his Standing Out blog. It contains hundreds of posts addressing related topics.
  • Check out his simple 7 point framework and choose which ways you want to stand out from the pack


You want to get more benefit from Linkedin…

  • Try his Linkedin profile tips. These free tips are ideal whether you just want to sort out your profile and remain inactive on the site. Or you can move on to use Linkedin to identify prospective clients and to build valuable business relationships.


You want your partners, senior staff or whole firm to be educated, entertained and enlightened about….

You could engage Mark to address your firm’s conference, partner away-day or team event either with a single presentation or running an interactive workshop.


You want to better understand accountants…


You want to review and improve the way that your organisation targets accountants…


You want to boost your efforts to reach and engage with accountants in the UK…


You want personal encouragement, support and accountability…

  • Engage Mark for 1-2-1 mentoring to assist you in setting and achieving your goals and objectives.