Startups – Coming Soon

Mark is often approached by accountants who have recently started their own practice or are planning to do so.  Sadly few such accountants feel able to invest in obtaining Mark’s support on a 1-2-1 basis.

Every few months Mark arranges a day when he can focus on providing help and support to start up accountants. The agenda for the day is set by the participants to ensure that they get maximum value. Typical issues include:

  • How to get clients
  • How to set fees
  • Whether to spend time on social media
  • How to get higher fees
  • What software to use
  • Stop wasting money on marketing initiatives that won’t work

And all of the other related issues that concern start-ups.

If you can attend such a session you will learn more than you might have imagined. This is because it will be a two-way. By sharing issues and challenges with each other, you will quickly reach conclusions that save you time and money. You will also gain confidence and peace of mind so that you are better placed to win the clients you want, earning the fees you want, doing the work you want.

The next date for a startup session with Mark has yet to be set. Please email him if you would like to be notified: mark @ [ignore the spaces which are there to stop spambots!]