The Rapid Rapport Building System for Accountants

How much time do you waste in meetings, at networking events and when pitching to new clients?

Are you frustrated by the number of occasions you have returned to the office or gone home and realised that you’re not connecting effectively with the people you meet? They are not sending you leads, recommending or referring you? And yet you’ve been told that referrals are the easiest way to win more clients.

Do you want to start the New Year (post January) full of confidence that your meetings will be worthwhile, that you will win more work, get more referrals and increase the number of quality recommendations you receive?

You may be uncomfortable networking especially if you get little positive reaction from the people you meet. Often the only time they ever call you afterwards is if they want to sell something to you. You wanted them to ask for your advice and you wanted them to refer you to people they know who might need your services. You want to meet more people who could become your clients and you want them to feel confident that you can provide the service they seek.

All of this would be possible if only you started building rapport with more of the people you meet. Helping them to get to know you and to like you.

The solution is not rocket science, but equally it’s not always natural. The good news though is that it is easy to learn how to build rapport.

What Does This Mean?

Building rapport is just another way of saying that you have established a positive connection; both you and the other person feel it. You might also consider it to be a form of likeability. We are all more inclined to stay in touch with and recommend people who we like and who like us back.

It’s foolish to assume we can make anyone like us – or that we will like everyone we meet.

One of the little known secrets about building rapport is that some of the best people at doing this are those who are introverted and lacking in confidence.

What Does The Rapid Rapport Building System Address?

You will learn:

  • The number one thing you must do more of if you are serious about wanting to build rapport.
  • How to remember and apply a simple approach to having more powerful conversations.
  • The 5 things that put people off and deny you the facility to build rapport. Once you know, it’s easy to stop doing these things. Mark explains what they are, why they are counter-productive and how you can remember to stop doing them.
  • The 9 reasons you may struggle to build rapport and the 3 ways in which you can build rapport with people you don’t much like. Just don’t assume the rapport you build in such cases will be as strong or as productive as when you genuinely like each other.
  • The 4 ways you can get yourself into the right mind-set before you meet new people.

At the end of the recording I offer very clear guidance as to the first 3 things you should do after you finish listening to ensure you get maximum value from The Rapport System.

My Experiences

These days it feels as if I know what to do when I meet new people, without thinking about it.

I haven’t always been like this and I’ve made spectacular mistakes in the past. These days I like to think I generally get it right but I still make mistakes. And you know what? I have learned to recognise and accept that I cannot build rapport with everyone I meet. Occasionally I realise I’m not in the right frame of mind. Sometimes it’s not me, it’s them. These days I accept that not everyone wants to build rapport. We need to be aware of when this is happening and learn to move on without wasting time.

No Magic Bullets

My tips, insights and advice are always intended to be practical, commercial and easy to apply. Typical feedback from accountants who have worked with me is

“I wish I’d known that before. I could have saved a lot of time and money.”

I am known and I think, respected, for my no-nonsense straight talking and independent approach.

Just to be clear, the guidance shared in this audio recording contains no magic bullets. There are no such things, no matter how many promoters try to convince us otherwise.

And, even though I am a member of The Magic Circle, I can’t wave a magic wand and make you instantly likeable and referable. No one can.

If you want things to be different you need to do things differently. Wishing for instant magical changes doesn’t work. Nor does reading books or listening to speakers – unless you then take action. This is why when you invest in my Rapport System you will also have access to useful prompts and checklists to encourage you to do things differently in future. And follow up prompts and further guidance if you want these.

No risk, no quibble, 100% money-back guarantee

Like me, you probably dislike the hard sell that accompanies so many promotions aimed at accountants. I can see through them in moments – I hope you can too. If I didn’t dislike that approach so much I would claim that my Rapport System enables you to have an unfair competitive advantage.

I do believe however that my Rapport System allows you to set yourself apart and to differentiate yourself by having more powerful conversations than your competitors are doing. Once you have built rapport you will be much better placed to influence the people you meet, to help them appreciate that you are the right accountant for them or for people who they know.

There’s no hard sell here. If you don’t think this is for you, please don’t buy it. Equally if you’re prepared to trust me, then I’ll trust you too. Buy my Rapport System audio product now and if, after listening to the full recording you don’t feel you received more than your money’s worth, just let me know what’s wrong and I’ll refund the full amount you’ve paid. And I’ll even bear the transaction costs. You can’t lose.

What is your investment?

Payment options:
You will have immediate access to The Rapid Rapport Building System of your choice once we have received your payment.

Basic Rapport System

The Basic Rapport System contains:

  • One Hour Audio Recording

Basic Rapport System is available for £97 (plus VAT)

Special Deal for Subscribers to the Successful Practice Pack: 

Just £29 (plus VAT)

Full Rapport System

The Full Rapport System includes:

  • A Two Hour Audio Recording
  • 20,000 Word PDF Transcript
  • 3 Unique Checklists for Accountants:
    • Tip sheet to craft more memorable and relevant client stories
    • 28 meeting follow-up options
    • Your daily checklist for better business conversations.

The Full Rapport System is available for just £97 (plus VAT)

Special Deal for Subscribers to the Successful Practice Pack: 

Just £49 (plus VAT)

Rapport System Plus

The Rapport System Plus contains:

  • The Full Rapport System Package
  • A Follow up One Hour Mentoring Call with me (Mark Lee)
    • Enabling you to obtain my personal help and advice on any of your rapport related issues.

You can imagine how much I normally charge for one to one coaching and mentoring. It’s a great deal more than £100 an hour.

The Rapport System Plus requires an investment of just £197 (plus VAT) so is available to only 10 accountants at the pre-launch stage.

Special Deal for Subscribers to the Successful Practice Pack: 

Just £149 (plus VAT)


As this is a new product it hasn’t received any testimonials yet. I have imagined what accountants might say however:

Imagined Testimonial One

“When I listened to Mark’s Rapid Rapport System for Accountants I immediately realised what I’d been doing wrong and what I need to do differently next time I meet new people. His reminder checklist is just the right length and contains a number of prompts I’ve never come across before. I’m looking forward to putting it into practice.”

Imagined Testimonial Two

“I’ve been applying the lessons from Mark’s Rapid Rapport System for the last few weeks and I am astonished by how easy it is and how much difference it makes. Previously I rarely received a phone call or email from people after meeting them. Now it feels as if I don’t need to take the initiative every time. When I do get in touch first they seem genuinely pleased to hear from me. Better still, many people are following up with me even before I get back in touch with them.”

Imagined Testimonial Three

“I’ve read stuff about rapport building before. Everyone else seems obsessed with psychology and NLP issues that they reference in a less than practical way.

Mark’s explanations and examples are clearly based on real life and I found it really easy to relate to what he was saying. He was describing situations I have been in and challenges I have faced. It’s easy to accept what he says as he never once suggested that any system or approach ALWAYS works. Although he referenced the power of the subconscious mind this was almost in passing. It wasn’t the main focus of his advice.”

Imagined Testimonial Four

“I love the way that Mark explains things without the use of jargon or any emphasis on NLP. His approach is real-world, relevant and realistic. I could really relate to so many of the scenarios he referenced and I realise now what I was doing wrong. And what I need to do differently in order to build rapport and so be remembered, referred and recommended. I actually think it’s going to be quite easy – and fun.

I’m sure this will mean that more of the time I spend outside of the office will feel worthwhile in future. So I’ll feel better about myself too and more willing to go out to find prospective clients and influencers. That, in itself, should mean I can build up my client base much more effectively than simply waiting for people to stumble across my website and then get in touch – especially as so many people who do that are only looking for a cheap accountant. And I don’t really want to be competing with them.”

Imagined Testimonial Five

“What really STANDS OUT for me after applying Mark’s Rapid Rapport System over the last few weeks is his daily checklist which I have tailored to suit my style. Indeed, Mark encourages us to do this. Previously I was really frustrated by the time it was taking to build my practice. If only I had learned this stuff years ago my practice would already be far more successful. Now I find it is really easy to build rapport with new people I meet. This is leading directly to more interesting meetings, to new quality clients and to more referrals.”

If, having bought, listened to and acted by reference to The Rapid Rapport System, you feel able to supply me with a genuine testimonial, I would really be very grateful.