Joint webinars

This is a low cost, low risk opportunity for suppliers to the accountancy profession to:

  • Increase brand awareness and reach through Mark’s database, connections and profile
  • Benefit from being associated with a well regarded, independent presenter and influencer within the UK accountancy profession
  • Engage with prospects by providing a valuable inspiring, entertaining and motivating webinar

The simplest way to achieve this is to arrange a one-off webinar to be promoted by both parties to their own lists. Mark can either host or can be a guest presenter on the supplier’s webinar.

If the supplier is newer to the marketplace and/or has a very small (relevant) list, it may be better to arrange for Mark to host the webinar and for this to be evidently sponsored by the supplier.

The details tend to vary depending on the size and sophistication of the supplier’s marketing/partnership teams, budgets and relative audiences/lists etc. Typically though Mark will design the webinar to include an opportunity for the supplier to share a related software demo with the audience and will provide contact details for everyone who booked to attend (permission for this being obtained, in accordance with GDPR, when the booking is made).

Mark’s current favourite webinar titles are:

  • How to be remarkable and more than ‘just another accountant’ – Explore the options and choose how you want to stand out and be better remembered, referred and recommended.
  • Accountants’ websites – what’s worth doing and what isn’t. Mark shares best practice advice and debunks the hype, myths and misconceptions.
  • Creating a MAGIC Linkedin profile – Even if you do not plan to be active on Linkedin, this is a necessary step to getting any real value from this online business networking platform
  • Lead generation using Linkedin – Basic and advanced opportunities to use Linkedin effectively to source the leads you really want.
  • Easy routes to move into advisory work – Mark shares best practice advice for accountants and debunks the hype, myths and misconceptions.
  • Easy ways to secure more clients eg: XYZ (a focused audience relevant to the software sponsor’s product)
  • Debunking the social media hype for accountants – You can only hope to get success from social media when you understand what does and what doesn’t work and how each platform operates in real life – beyond the hype.
  •  7 unproductive distractions to avoid while building your tax practice – Helping you focus on what will matters so you can IMPROVE your tax practice and achieve your goals.

He is also able to address many other topics in an interview/discussion format. Or you may wish to commission Mark to prepare a specific webinar focused more around your software/offering.

If this is something you would like to explore, please choose a time that suits you for an exploratory conversation with Mark using this link:

If you are new to the sector or don’t otherwise know of Mark, you’ll find plenty on this website to help you get to know him. See ‘About Mark

His Linkedin profile, which contains over 120 recommendations, is also quite enlightening.  Mark is especially active on this business networking platform where he has over 12,000 followers (mostly in or connected with the UK accounting and tax profession) and has long had an SSI score of around 85 (about as high as you’ll ever see).