Podcast Interviews

You can hear interviews featuring Mark Lee by following links to the podcasts below.


Accounting Influencers podcast – interviewed by Rob Brown about the future for different elements of the accountancy profession, the key business skills needed to survive and much more. Rob is a quick fire and well informed interviewer. We covered loads of ground.

Strength in the Numbers podcast – interviewed by Andrew Codd about how accountants need to prepare for the future and how the changes we already know about will impact their careers.  Debunking the future of accounting and finance.  This podcast interview was later referenced by an enthusiastic listener in a very complimentary post on Linkedin.

The Near Futurist podcast – interviewed by Guy Clapperton about how accountants are going to need people skills rather than plain numeracy and how Blockchain is going to usher in the idea of triple ledger accounts.


The Whole Lot podcast – interviewed by Ade Oduyemi about my background, business experiences, lessons learned, tips and advice.

The Green Apple podcast– interviewed by John Garrett about building positive relationships with clients

The MediaCoach podcast 20/4/18 – interviewed by Alan Stevens

In this brief interview Mark outlines a little known service he provides for non-accouuntants

The Speaking Club podcast 29 – interviewed by Sarah Archer

Talking about speaking more effectively, lessons, tips and tricks from my career


Marketing and Finance podcast 138 – interviewed by Roger Edwards

Talking about magic and how professionals can STAND OUT from the crowd

Social Media warriors 4 – interviewed by Philip Calvert

Talking about building online communities and connections

Green Apple podcast 110 – interviewed by John Garrett

One of a number of interviewees at QB Connect in San Jose


Your Business Focus Group podcast 57 – interviewed by Leon Streete and Mike Pagan.

Talking about STANDING OUT from the Crowd


The Reluctant Speaker podcast 64 – interviewed by Eammon O’BrienIs your speaking helping you to STAND OUT from the pack?