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[Updated 8 July 2020]

This extra page on my website is intended to explain where I am and what I’m doing in these unprecedented times.


Due to the cancellation of almost all conferences and away-days at which I was booked to speak this year I had to make a choice.

Unlike many of my speaker pals I chose not to promote myself heavily as a remote/virtual speaker. Feedback when I do this is great but I don’t get a buzz from it so didn’t want to focus on this activity.

Instead I decided in April to focus my attention back on an online listing service I first launched many years ago.

As Chairman of the Tax Advice Network I have twice before devoted a lot of time to this venture and then allowed other more ‘exciting’ things to distract me.

In recent months my renewed focus and enthusiasm on this business has really been paying off. More traffic to the site, more leads for the members (tax advisers and tax accountants) and more new members. It’s almost as if being really focused is paying off. What a surprise. I’m delighted.

Speaking business

My main speaking business has dried up. Bookings cancelled, conferences postponed and no immediate likelihood of things picking up.  I’m disappointed but I really feel for the organisers of events and conferences who have been working hard to arrange these and have now had to pull the plug.

I know dozens of other speakers, trainers, and magicians in a similar position. Fortunately I do have a couple of small retainers, limited outgoings and some savings. So I’m in a better position than many.

Sadly my most recent speaking gigs will be the last ones I do for a while. This is such a shame as the feedback I’ve had in each case has been even more positive than ever before.

I am doubtful that things will return to ‘normal’ for some time and it may be spring/summer 2021 at the earliest before I will once again be addressing partner/manager events and conferences for accountants and finance teams.

In the meantime I’m available to present virtually and remotely ;-)

Webinars and remote presentations

In April I created personalised online presentations for the delegates  booked on to each of the events I was due to speak at ‘live’. Feedback was great and I have done plenty of this in the past and can advise on the options and different tech solutions for such events.

Sadly though, such events are never as much fun as being in the same room as the audience but for now they are a viable alternative in suitable cases. And at least I know how to maintain interest and attention – unlike some less experienced presenters.


I am happy to explore collaborations with software or other suppliers to the accountancy profession. I know that may of them are having to reconsider a number of their marketing initiatives – especially given the deferment of the Digital Accounting show and of Accountex this year.

I’m hoping to be engaged to speak or lead on webinars, videos and podcasts that both entertain and inspire attendees but that also provide an opportunity for the sponsor to boost their brand – much as they would otherwise have done at live events.

Podcast interviews

I’ve done a number of these over the years and am open to doing more if you feel my insights and views could be of interest to your audience. Typically that will be accountants (in finance or in practice), lawyers, financial advisers and other professionals who need to work with accountants and/or to secure referrals or simply prepare themselves for the future.

You’ll find links to those I’ve done before on this page of my website >>>

Regular activities

I am continuing to write a fresh blog post on this site each week. And to promote this alongside tips, advice and insights in my weekly ‘Magic of Success‘ email.

All are intended to be of use and value to accountants interested in securing their futures as regards their practice, department or career.

And I’m posting new pieces on Linkedin for discussion and to share insights and ideas.

1-2-1 support and advice

For me this is not a time for selling additional services, rather a time for extra humanity. I appreciate that not everyone wants or feels able to take that approach.  And some people just haven’t considered this yet.

I have reserved some time in my diary for anyone who wants to pick my brains, seek my guidance or get some pointers. There’s no charge for this and I won’t be trying to ‘up sell’ you either.  IF you feel it might be helpful to have a chat, please book a time that suits us both using this facility that links to my diary.

Last updated: 8 July 2020