New hologram support service for accountants

Apr 1, 2016 | Uncategorized

Press Release

Renowned accountants’ mentor and commentator, Mark Lee, has teamed up with a Tokyo University for what he is calling an outsourcing knowledge experiment.

This new service is quite distinct from Microsoft’s recently announced holoportation which uses different technology. Using a simpler Japanese originated smartphone app, accountants will be able to have a hologram of Mark projected into their office to provide outsourced practice support, knowledge and advice.Hologram of Mark Lee

Mark is delighted to be able to offer accountants a facility to interact with him akin to that of the holographic doctor in the TV series ‘Star Trek Voyager’.

“Obviously this new facility isn’t comparable with what may be available in the 24th century but it’s still way beyond what we might have imagined just a few years ago. It seems like Magic but it’s science” says Mark who is Treasurer of The Magic Circle and includes a touch of magic in his keynote talks.

The technology in question was developed in 2010 by the University of Tokyo’s Department of Complexity Science and Engineering (DCSE). Mark is the first person in the UK to be licensed to test the technology for commercial purposes. He became involved through a friend, Pria Lolof, who works at the DCSE.

“We’ve been planning this for some time and are concerned that Microsoft’s recent announcement about their holoportation is a spoiling tactic. The timing is very coincidental” says Mark who has been providing support to smaller practitioners for many years and has been looking for a way to fill a gap in his service offerings.

“I provide loads of free stuff on my website and a low cost online course to help accountants build a more Successful Practice. Beyond that I have a face to face group called The Inner Circle which meets in London and a premium 1-2-1 mentoring facility too.

I’ll be launching a new online programme shortly to provide support to a wider range of accountants around the UK. This hologram facility may become the technology we use to deliver the programme. If it turns out to be impracticable I’ll go back to the original plan of online meetings.”

The hologram service is only being promoted today because of the nature of the Japanese Outsourcing Knowledge Experiment. Thereafter accountants will be invited to attend a webinar being prepared especially for sole practitioner accountants who want to make a breakthrough in the development of their practice. Please email Mark if you would like to be advised when the webinar is being run.

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