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Dec 22, 2020 | Reputation

My last post of this year we called 2020 contains a celebration of the most popular posts on my blog since 2006 when I started sharing insights, tips and advice here. If I could have predicted which posts would be on the list I might have written more of them!

Over the last 14 years I have written over 700 items covering a wide range of topics. I have been more focused in recent years but still address a range of related topics to help accountants, bookkeepers and tax advisers achieve greater success.

We talk about having twenty-twenty hindsight when someone appears to have knowledge after the fact. The expression combines a reference to having normal (20/20) vision and hindsight in the sense of ‘looking back’ or ‘reconsidering’.

Looking back and relying on Google analytics it’s easy for me to speculate as to why some of my blog posts have attracted more interest than others – with the benefit of hindsight. What I don’t know is why there are more there from 2013 than from any other year.

There are also some lessons that may be useful if you want to write popular content. As ever though I would stress that what matters most are not the raw numbers. But whether the posts reached, engaged and were of value to my target audience.

And the same is true for you if you write blog posts too. Just attracting random visitors from around the world, who are interested in what you have written about, is rarely going to be helpful.

I’ve included the links in case you missed them originally or want to take another look.

Number 10:  Stop talking about your USP – it’s the same as other accountants

It is fitting that this is a debunking style post. Although I wrote it in 2013, it remains relevant as there are still plenty of accountants who have been misled to think they should claim to have a Unique Selling Proposition. Such claims are rarely correct so fail to serve their intended purpose as I explain in the blog post.

Number 9:  How’s business? – Avoid falling in the trap when you reply

There is no obvious reason why this post from 2013 has performed so well over the years – other than perhaps it answers a common question implied by the title. How to respond when people ask you ‘How’s Business?”

Number 8: 6 reasons people without accountants think accountants are boring

I can only imagine that lots of people (students especially perhaps) are keen to find out why people think accountants are boring. It’s a common misconception and, in this post from 2013, I suggest reasons for the common misunderstanding.

Number 7:  A template agenda for a new client meeting

Although this dates back to 2011, the template is based on the approach I adopted with new clients even further back when I was in practice. Some of the references might need an update now but the essential elements are as relevant and useful now as they were ten years ago.   One reason for higher than average interest in this post could be because I make reference to the agenda a couple of times during the Successful Practice Programme.

Number 6:  What to say when you call a client to Keep In Touch

This post from 2013 was an early attempt to reflect a popular question that often still comes up during some mentoring conversations. Like many of these top blog posts the focus of this post is clear from the title. And it is a perennial topic which also helps explain it’s popularity.

Number 5:  How many of the 5 types of advisory services can you provide to clients?

This is one of the newest posts on this list as I only wrote it in 2018.  With the benefit of 2020 hindsight(!) I would have given it a better title more aligned with the question I suspect gets searched for.  It remains current today and was my attempt to help accountants understand that there is no simple agreed definition of what ‘advisory services’ means or only one way to offer, provide and get paid for such services.

Number 4: Examples of good Facebook pages for accountants

The relative popularity of this debunking style post from 2011 never ceases to surprise me. The content may surprise or even disappoint some readers but it’s a long time since I ever had feedback on it. The advice it contains has stood the test of time but I’ll probably post an updated version on the tenth anniversary in 2021.

Number 3:  15 factors that can influence the success of your event

As with the top two posts here, this one also probably gets seen by a wider audience than I had intended. Because almost all of the points I address are relevant to events whether they are targeted at accountants or anyone else!  I wrote it in 2014, partly to highlight my experience as a speaker and how I am often able to help organisers to better promote their events too.

Number 2:  25 great answers to the question: How much do you charge?

In some ways this should really be number one. I wrote it in 2017 and it is well on the way to being as popular as the top ranking blog post here – which dates back ten years further to 2007!

This post’s popularity is probably due to a combination of the attractive title, the fact it addresses such a common issue and also that this is also a popular internet search question.  I suspect that it is found and read by a wider audience than I had intended, but at least it relates to a topic that I address when working with accountants and tax advisers.

Number 1:  Three elements of communication – and the so called “7%-38%-55% Rule”

This has always been the most popular blog post on my site.  It was also the first time I wrote a post to debunk a common misconception. Sadly it’s not really focused on my target audience. I have since edited it to mention accountants. But in the main it serves simply to clarify and explain some of the nonsense talked about the three elements of communication.

Originally written in 2007, the debunking elements remain relevant as there are still some lazy communication trainers who misquote the research and mislead their audiences when referencing this topic. The post probably ranks highly in search results due to its longevity, authority and popularity.

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