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Mentoring Program for Success as an Experienced Professional

This is your opportuinity to explore an overview of what you might want to gain from having me mentor and support you in your professional activities.

This is a service I provide only for a few professional advisers each year.

Who Are You?

You are probably an experienced professional adviser who is keen to overcome whatever it is that is holding you back from achieving the success you deserve.

You will only want to work with me if you are looking for someone who will encourage you both to achieve greater success and to set realistic and achievable goals. Better you exceed these than go away disappointed.

Once you have clarified what you seriously want to achieve I will do all I can to help you succeed. As a result you will feel better about yourself, about your career and about the future. And this will typically result in you generating more work of the type that you want and for which you can charge the fees you deserve.

What Is Involved?

The mentoring relationship is personal and confidential. My mentoring style involves a mix of support, encouragement, coaching, challenges, motivation and inspiration. I will encourage you to take action and hold you to account to ensure it is all worthwhile.

Distance is no object. You can choose the approach which best suits you: One to one meetings, skype calls and/or telephone contact. When you work with me you get the full benefit of the lessons and insights I have accumulated during my 30+ years in business. I first starting mentoring colleagues in the early 1980s and have continued to do this, along with  coaching, speaking and writing for many hundreds of accountants and other professionals over the years.

Keep Moving Forwards

Please book a time for us to have quick chat. If that goes well we can arrange an induction and objective setting meeting or conversation. And then, assuming we are both keen you can choose which mentoring programme you would like to follow:

Accelerated approach: 25 weekly calls over 6 months 

Standard approach: 13 fortnightly calls over 6 months

Budget approach: 7 fortnightly calls over 3 months

In each case I also offer follow up emails as required. I’d be happy to provide further details when we speak.

If you don’t know me from my talks, blog posts, social media activity or articles, visit the About Mark page to review my bio.  To proceed with an initial consultation, please book a call to discuss your requirements on my calendar or review the specific mentoring programs for accountants, speakers and experienced professionals.