Mentoring and Coaching for Accountants

Mentoring and Coaching for Accountants

Mentoring services

My standard mentoring promo messages and rates are further down the page but if you already know me you can ignore these ūüėČ

What would you prefer?

1 One-off calls

         Quicky Р15 mins support Рno charge Рpick a time here >>>

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Focused –¬† 60-90 mins support – you share your background, where you are, what you‚Äôre worried about and what you want to achieve in the short and long term. We discuss what actions you could be taking in the immediate future. You clear your head. I help you prioritise and get motivated. And I follow up with notes and related materials as appropriate¬† ¬£395 (plus VAT)

2 One month programme of weekly goal focused calls

Normally only available after a focused support call.
What is it you want to achieve, be or do differently? Whilst I cannot wave a magic wand to make it happen for you, I can ‚Äėhold your feet to the fire‚Äô encourage, support and guide you to achieve your short-term goals (usually no more than 2 or 3 at a time)

Typically 30 Р45 mins. £245 per call.
I ask you to pay for the 4 calls up front.

Once agreed I normally then send you the following and we can then fix the dates for your 4 sessions:

  • A MOST to clarify what you want to achieve by the end of our time together
  • A template agenda to help guide our sessions and keep us on track
  • A one page mentoring agreement to clarify our respective responsibilities and obligations

3 Flexi-Mentoring programme – with ‚ÄėP’ calls.

This programme gives you up to 12 calls where we focus on you making Progress as we resolve your Problems and focus on Priorities and Possibilities. Our conversations will be focused, flexible and fun.

Typically our regular sessions will be monthly¬† ‚Äď but some clients prefer to speak with me more often. During our regular sessions I will prompt, encourage and motivate you to get on with the things you need to be doing, to resolve your challenges, overcome difficulties and explore opportunities.

So you need to make 3 simple decisions: 1: Which level of support do you want? 2: How frequently do you want your sessions? 3: Do you want to commit to 12 up front?

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Mark one:¬†Regular short sessions (typically 30 ‚Äď 45 mins). No follow up or flexibility.¬†¬£245 per session. Pack of 12 sessions: ¬£2,600

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Mark two:¬†Regular sessions (typically 45 ‚Äď 75 mins).¬† Includes follow up emails as appropriate and occasional extra calls when you need ad-hoc advice/guidance.¬†¬£325 per session. Pack of 12 sessions: ¬£3,600

         Mark three: Regular longer sessions (typically 60-90 mins). Includes supporting notes, templates and checklists as appropriate, occasional extra calls when you need ad-hoc advice/guidance, personal video recorded guidance and follow up after each session to remind you of key points, tips, advice and insights we discussed. £695 per session. Pack of 12 sessions: £7,495.

All fees are subject to VAT. Payment is due in advance of each session ‚Äď with regular sessions, whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly, covered by a direct debit mandate. Discounts for packs of 12 sessions only available when invoiced and paid up front.¬†

Once agreed I normally then send you the following and we can then fix the dates for your initial sessions.:

  • My MOST to clarify what you want to achieve by the end of our time together
  • A template agenda to help guide our sessions and keep us on track
  • A one page mentoring agreement to clarify our respective responsibilities and obligations

If you don’t know me:

The remainder of this page contains an overview of how you could benefit from having me mentor, coach and support you in your practice.

Typically sole practitioners use me as a sounding board, a non-exec or a source of relevant knowledge, experience and insights Рto help them save time, to generate more clients or to become more profitable. Additionally they often thank me for discouraging them from wasting time and/or money on initiatives that would divert them or not generate the results they seek.

I am only able to commit supporting up to 10 accountants a year with the Focused, Results and Strategic programmes below. Beyond that you can book one-off one-hour intensive mentoring calls with me if you feel that’s all you need or want at this stage.

Who are you?

You are a sole practitioner accountant (with or without staff and contractors) and you do not feel as successful as you would like to be.  You know you could feel better about your practice or that you could simply be more successful and you know you need someone to ensure you do one or more of the following:

  • Manage your time more productively
  • Stop worrying about your marketing activities
  • Get more value from your networking and business development activities
  • Spend more time working ON your business rather than IN your practice
  • Plan more effectively for the future
  • Take the actions necessary to achieve your goals
  • Stop being side tracked from what you really want to be doing
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel
  • Develop and rehearse more powerful conversations
  • Attract new clients of the right type, quality and fees
  • Generate more referrals and avenues of introduction
  • Charge higher fees without losing clients

You are also realistic, so I’m not going to promise we can resolve all of these issues in the short-term. But once you have clarified what you seriously want to achieve I will do all I can to help you succeed.¬†As a result you will feel better about yourself, about your practice and about the future. And this will typically result in you generating more clients and more work of the type that you want and for which you can charge the fees you deserve.

What is involved?

The mentoring relationship is personal and confidential. My mentoring style involves a mix of support, consulting, encouragement, coaching, challenges, motivation and inspiration. I will encourage you to take action and hold you to account to ensure it is all worthwhile.

Distance is no object, even for an initial face to face induction and objective setting session – as long as you are based in England or Wales.

When you work with me you get the full benefit of the lessons, experience and insights I accumulated during my 25 years in practice as well as the insights I have gained from mentoring, coaching, speaking and writing for many hundreds of accountants.

In addition to regular calls you also have ad-hoc email support, access to dozens of checklists, white papers and tip sheets and my personal promise to do all that I can to help you to achieve the success you deserve.

Initial contact

There is no charge for a brief initial chat to check whether we are going to get on. You can book such a call here now>>>¬†You may then decide to engage me to mentor you – or we may decide that’s not the best way forward for you.

If you already know you want a more substantive initial call, to obtain advice, ideas and insights, you can book an initial one-off mentoring call here now>>>¬† Once you’ve picked a time and date that suits you, you’ll be redirected to a payment page (¬£197 plus VAT ) so we can get that out of the way before the call.

Some accountants recognise the value of me visiting them on-site for a more substantive initial induction and detailed objective setting session. There is no obligation to then book any follow up sessions, although this is typically what follows.

My standard fee for an induction and objective setting session, including a follow up email containing my summary notes and ideas from the discussion, is ¬£558 (plus VAT)¬† payable in advance.¬†Typically such meetings last 2-3 hours and are a good starting point for any subsequent regular mentoring relationship. It’s best we have at least a brief chat before you book such a session so please¬†book a call here now>>>

Keep moving forward

The simplest arrangement is focused around a monthly support and advice call*. Your monthly investment here is £300 (plus VAT)  which also entitles you to unlimited email support (within reason).

Some accountants prefer more frequent and structured programmes such as:

  • The 12 months ¬†(Strategic) programme:¬†This gives us enough time, up to 40 calls*, to¬†focus on long-term strategy and so address all aspects of your practice, overcoming key challenges and improving your business results – ¬†¬£7,958¬†(plus VAT)¬† Monthly DD option available too.
  • The 6 months (Results) programme:¬†Choose this option, up to 22 calls*, if you want to improve the business results you’re achieving in your practice – ¬£4,958¬†(plus VAT)¬†Monthly DD option available too.
  • The 2 months (Focused) programme:¬†This approach, up to 8 calls*, allows us to¬†focus on up to 4 key challenges you want to resolve in your practice so as to be more profitable, make more money, more time or to overcome day to day frustrations ¬†– ¬£1,958¬†(plus VAT)

*Calls typically lasts 40-60 minutes. Within reason you can also obtain additional input by way of emails in between our scheduled calls. Additional calls beyond those included in each programme are charged at ¬£350 but I would notify you of this before fixing any such ‘additional’ calls.

If you require more intensive support I also offer a premium priced meetings focused mentoring programme for sole practitioner accountants – as set out here >>>>>

One-off Consultations

If you simply want a one-off mentoring consultation you can book a convenient time here >>>>

To ensure I follow the same advice I give my own clients, you will need to pay up front for such experiences. This avoids any possibility of me having to spend time chasing for payment afterwards. In the unlikely event that you subsequently decide my advice was of no value I will arrange an immediate refund. ¬†That’s never happened. The standard fee for such one-off consultations is ¬£350 (plus VAT) payable via GoCardless >>>

If you don’t know me from my talks, blog posts, social media activity or articles, please visit the About Mark page to review my bio.

To proceed with an initial consultation, please book a call to discuss your requirements using this facility that links directly to my calendar >>>