Mentoring seems to be flavour of the month all of a sudden. I was approached today by a journalist who wanted a quote from someone with experience of the traditional internal style of mentoring that some larger firms provide. Here’s what I said:

” As a junior partner many years ago I was allocated a mentor. He was a senior partner in the firm and I recall he took me for a very nice lunch to confirm his commitment to the (undefined) mentoring process. Although we chatted on and off over the subsequent months and years I did not gain any demonstrable benefit from having him identified as my mentor.

My experience all those years ago was part of the inspiration for the external, tailored mentoring service that I now provide for ambitious accountants who run their own practices. I have the time, the talent and the techniques to ensure that those who can afford to engage me can measure the value that I bring. This process is more motivating for the individuals concerned and enables them to build up their key business and personal skills so that they can operate more effectively and build a more profitable firm.”