Limited Liability Partnerships are now well established as one of the four main alternative ways in which to structure a business in the UK. Indeed it is alost 10 years since the facility to operate as an LLP became a reality in the UK on 6 April 2003.

A few years back I explained: Why aren’t more accountants talking about LLPs with clients?  Has much changed in the interim? Well, tax rates have moved up and down and there has been a steady increase in the number of businesses and professional firms that are choosing to operate as LLPs.  While some accountants stick slavishly to the idea that all small businesses should operate as a limited company, the choice is rarely that clear when you consider all of the relevant factors – a fact I consistently made clear when delivering talks at seminars and conferences for accountants.

I no longer speak on such technical topics as I left private practice in 2006.

[Edited 2014 – The remainder of this blog post has been removed to avoid confusion. It linked to an LLP related project that is no longer operational].