LinkedIn is a ‘Business’ networking website. I’m always amused when commentators describe it in the same breath as ‘social’ networks. I think this confuses people who are unfamiliar with them and assume that LinkedIn is a variation on facebook and twitter for example. A more accurate collective noun is ‘online networks’.

LinkedIn is probably the only online network where it can be worthwhile establishing a profile even if you’re not planning to be ‘active’ on the site afterwards.  Generally, online networking can only work if you are active and netWORK.  This is also true of Linkedin but, unlike the other sites it is the ONE that some people use as a directory. Where users may look (or ‘search’) for you or someone like you.

Of course my profile is on LinkedIn and I’ve become increasingly active there. I now have over 5,500 direct contacts there [updated  Aug 2016].  By all means seek me out and let me know why you want to connect. I’ll be happy to do so if you’re a reader of this blog.

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