More LinkedIn opportunities for accountants

Aug 9, 2010 | Linkedin, Social Media

This short series started with extracts from my talks on social media for accountants.

One reader and contributor is Phil Richards who shared some further ideas as to how accountants can benefit from LinkedIn. Rather than add them as comments on earlier posts, I’ve extended the blog series. So here are three more:

Central point – LinkedIn enables you to connect one to one with people on a mutual platform. When you connect to one person you become visible to the people they connect with. This works in all sorts of ways that happen without you having to do anything.

Research suppliers – Whilst it’s not yet ubiquitous, LinkedIn is increasingly popular. I’m now surprised and disappointed if someone who approaches me isn’t on LinkedIn. I’ve often found that I know someone who has already dealt with them and can then call or email for an objective view before agreeing to engage with them.

Recommendations – LinkedIn provides a facility for clients and colleagues, past and present, to post recommendations against your profile. These are only visible to others if you accept them. I’m rather proud and humbled by the large number attached to my profile. I’d like to think that such recommendations add to your credibility. And this can be helpful in giving the right impression when new contacts first check out your online profile.


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