Is social media a waste of time for accountants?

The question of the value of social media for accountants is debated in the July/August 2014 edition of the ICAEW’s magazine ‘economia’.

The contributors to the debate are:

Robert Wynne, President of Wynne Communications – who argues, in favour of the motion.
Molly Flatt, a writer and word of mouth evangelist for 1000Heads and digital editor of Phoenix magazine – who disagrees with the motion.
Both Robert and Molly make some valid points although it’s not obvious that either has much experience or understanding of the Accountancy profession. So both are arguing generic points rather than saying anything specifically relevant to readers of the magazine.

I added the following comments to the online version of the debate:

Where to start?
Despite my long time involvement in many forms of social media and my advocacy of Linkedin for accountants, I tend to agree with Robert’s point of view – if not all of his arguments.

Social Media is not always a waste of time for business or for accountants But equally it is not always worthwhile either. Too many people jump on the bandwagon and assume that what works for large brands or for one man bands will work for them too. It rarely does.

I curate two twitter lists of UK accountants. Most are on twitter for the sake of it and get little tangible business value. So they either give up tweeting after a while, leave the job in the hands of a junior social media champion or outsource their tweets (which rarely pays for itself).

The tweets from those who use the firm’s name are invariably less stimulating and engage fewer people than those who tweet using their own name and who show their face in their twitter profile.

If you’re going to do it, set realistic expectations at the outset.
Regular readers of my blog will recognise an echo of previous posts here ?

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