The main topic for discussion at last week’s meeting of The Inner Circle was: Distinguishing your practice from the competition.

We met at our new home, The Eight Club in Moorgate, London. Members of The Inner Circle again benefited from the willingness they all had to share their experiences and insights during our round table discussion. In accordance with one of our key membership principles everyone agreed to abide by the Chatham House Rule.

What follows are simply some of the opening comments that set the scene for our round-table discussion:

The primary objective of distinguishing your practice is so that it stands out (positively) from others when a prospect is considering which accountant to appoint.
Another reason for doing this is to make it easier for others to remember you, to refer you and to recommend you to the type of clients you want, to do the work you enjoy and for the fees you deserve.
Check your online echo and that your website, linkedin and other profiles support and echo the distinctions you talk about when you meet people. Otherwise you risk standing out for the wrong reasons (being inconsistent) which will not help you win work.
Don’t worry about trying to find a USP – few accountants can provide their services in a unique way.
Branding often starts with a strapline, a business focus, a specialism, key areas of expertise, a niche audience or even a local area.
What distinguishes your practice needs to be valuable, relevant and memorable.
A strapline alone is just a gimmick. Better to ensure that the concept is evidently part and parcel of how the practice is run and the service that clients receive.
The practice’s culture needs to tie with what you believe, your ethos and your approach.
This is such a topical issue that we are likely to return to it again at a future meeting of The Inner Circle. If you’d like to know more about it, just click the link>>>