About The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle of Accountants is all about your agenda, your topics and your issues. You will receive inspiration to do ‘stuff’ and the motivation to solve practice-focused problems.  The Inner Circle is founded on the basic principle that you can accomplish more in less time by working together.

With a proven track-record helping groups like this Mark understands the importance of allowing members to focus only on what is important to them.  He has considerable experience in facilitating groups of entrepreneurs and of tax experts, having used similar models since 2008.

The Inner Circle combines the best of what works for those groups with Mark’s knowledge of accountants in general practice and his wider experience of participating in mastermind groups.

What it isn’t

Meetings of The Inner Circle are peer-led discussions – not seminars, lectures, conferences or workshops.

You decide what you will do between meetings – nobody is going to hold you to ransom or tell you what you MUST do.

The Inner Circle is not a sales platform – so nobody will be pitching to you or signing you up for expensive retreats, newsletters, webinars or any other ‘quick fix’ solutions.

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