Some years ago I read an article that highlights six things that happen all too often when anyone focuses their energy on trying to win new clients at the expense of managing the relationship with newly won clients.

The author explained how easy it is to fall into each of these six traps:

  1. Once you sign the deal, disappear.
  2. Show a consistent lack of respect for your client inside your own firm.
  3. Hide the other ways you can help – hey, it’s ‘my’ client.
  4. Keep to the tried and true approaches.
  5. Don’t ever, ever check to see how you are doing.
  6. Make your invoices as confusing and indecipherable as possible.

To this list I’d be inclined to add: Bill whatever is on the WIP ledger without checking back to see how this compares with the fee quotes you gave when you won the client.

I invite further contributions and suggestions in comments you can add to this blog.