How to get more referrals for your accountancy practice

Nov 19, 2019 | Accountants, Referrals

For a change, instead of creating a fresh blog post,  I thought you’d appreciate a summary of my most popular posts on how to get more referrals to your ideal new clients.

  1. A quick five point plan to get more referrals
  2. Are you undermining your credibility by being too modest?
  3. Being Known, Liked and Trusted is not sufficient. There are 5 steps in the chain
  4. Avoid this mistake if you want more referrals
  5. Being memorable isn’t the same as being referrable
  6. Referral marketing for accountants (part one)
  7. Referral marketing for accountants (part two)

And here’s a couple of related posts that highlight things you might be doing wrong if you’re not getting the referrals you seek:

How’s business? – Avoid falling in the trap when you reply

Why your clients are indifferent and don’t recommend you

My focus these days is more on presenting entertaining and valuable talks for accountants and lawyers.  [EDIT: That was pre-pandemic. Since then I have been focusing more on providing NED-style mentoring support to accountants and presenting online talks to groups of accountants]

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