When I write and speak about accountants and social media I always make the point that Linkedin is different. It’s the only online networking site where you can get some benefit simply by having your profile there, even if you’re not active.

But of course you can also choose to be active on LinkedIn. One accountant who does this is Andrew Diver of Beatons in Ipswich. He posted the following recently in answer to someone claiming (wrongly in my view) that LinkedIn doesn’t work for accountants. I have copied it here with Andrew’s permission:

We have had a number of successes from using Linkedin. The overwhelming message I would send is that Linkedin is not a marketing strategy in itself. It is a tool, like an e-mail account, a website, a seminar, or a networking event.

There are many strands to what we use it for. Some of them are routines others less prescribed. But it always comes back to using it to enhance the more traditional marketing techniques. 90% of our new business comes from referrals. Staying in touch with intermediaries and people who can refer work. We regularly alert these people to opportunities to save tax, deadlines and opportunities for themselves and their clients.

Moreover I believe technology has pushed the emphasis onto collaboration. Looking for opportunities for our clients, connections to be more profitable either through winning new work or reducing costs. Hence why people refer work to us, we are working hard for them too. There is a lot of weight placed by consumers into the power of social advocacy.

We also post on local groups and give guidance to local businesses. We then become a trusted source of information, and can start forging a relationship with the individuals or businesses concerned and taking the relationship offline.

I must say that I saw this as a breath of fresh air.

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