Regular readers will know that I do not spend time encouraging accountants to blog. Whilst it can be beneficial, too many accountants get encouraged to create a blog but then struggle to maintain it. Some pay good money for the blog to be created and possibly updated by someone else. This often defeats at least one of the purposes of the blog. It can also be an expensive way to secure the related hoped for SEO benefits.

Last year I outlined 5 blogging myths for accountants; my blog post also put the other side of the argument. I had to do that as I enjoy blogging and have been a regular blogger here for nearly seven years. My conclusion though was that all too often blogging is not a worthwhile allocation of time for accountants in practice. Yes, you can derive some benefit from it but this will typically only follow if blogging forms part of a structured marketing plan.

Having said all that, the question arises as to how do you know when a blog is worthwhile? By this I mean, how do you know when the blog has a sufficient following and that if you stopped blogging it would be disproportionately detrimental to your reputation?

In December I explained why I think that: Only one website metric really matters to accountants. The same is probably true of an accountant’s blog. If it’s not evidently helping you secure profitable work then it’s probably not worthwhile.

I stopped writing my Tax-Buzz blog at the end of 2011. I had posted over 400 items over a 4 year period, but for reasons I have explained elsewhere, I concluded there was no point continuing the blog.  Almost no one seemed to notice or to care when I stopped blogging there. Despite my best efforts the visitor numbers rarely peaked above a few thousand a month. I had also noted that the majority of readers were in the US (not a target market for me). This is an important issue. If the people visiting your blog are unlikely ever to become clients what’s the point?

What about this blog then for ambitious accountants?

Well  we had significantly more visitors (>19,000) and more page views (>30,000) in April 2013 than ever before. [Edit: And the figures have been getting much higher than this towards the end of 2013]

My wordpress stats are not identifying any specific blog post or page of the website as having become more popular than the others so the increase seems to be more generalised.

I’m hoping that the increasing level of interest in my website and blog is because readers find what I have to say of value. The level of feedback is pretty low – which is very common I understand. I do appreciate and acknowledge all those who take the time to comment. I hope I continue to share ideas that are of interest and value. If you have any suggestions for topics I might address here by all means let me know by email or by comments below. For the moment though I reckon this blog is worthwhile and so I will continue to update it at least once a week.