Years ago I was told that People are hired because they are liked and fired because they’re not!

Whilst this maxim is no doubt true in many cases I think it does not reflect what really happens in many professional firms. That is that people get hired because of their perceived technical skills and knowledge. Their personal attributes are also important and these will often take priority when it comes to deciding whether or not the individual is going to make partner.

Being technically brilliant and highly chargeable will often help you move up the ranks but it will rarely enable you to achieve partnership. Occasionally it will be enough but more often than not, to paraphrase my opening comment, People are only invited to become partners if they are liked.

Ok. I know that’s very simplistic. It’s worth reflecting on though as the apparent headline reasons that people are invited to become partners are almost always a reflection of the individual’s likeability. eg:

  • A big portfolio of clients that would go elsewhere with the individual if they left;
  • A proven winner of significant profitable new work from new clients;

What personal criteria can you think of that enable people to be made partner and which do not rely on them being likeable in one way or another?

And what have you done today to help reinforce your own likeability?

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