I learned long ago about the value of focusing on a niche and have shared my thoughts on how this can work for accountants in  previous posts on this blog. I’ve also mentioned it in a number of my talks.

From my own perspective it took a business mentor to point out that I was being inconsistent. So shortly after launching the Tax Advice Network I sat back to determine the common theme in my approach. And, as the title to this blog post suggests, that theme was the rather bizarre one of ‘Helping accountants’. At the time I was offering mentoring and consultancy services to accountants. I no longer have time for that any more.  Instead I now focus on writing and speaking to audiences of accountants.

You may however be aware that I also run a Linkedin group called ‘Referrals From Accountants’. This has no accountants in it. Instead its members number hundreds of financial advisers, bankers, solicitors, business coaches and other service suppliers. The one thing they all have in common is that they either want to sell to accountants or to encourage you to refer your clients to them.

Why do I do this and how does it help accountants?

Quite simply, the advice, insights and ideas I share are intended to reduce the number of people who waste your time.

Before I set up the group I ran seminars with the same objectives. These were well received but were too time consuming. So I created an ebook containing the notes and slides (as it seemed a shame just to dump them!).

The seminars, ebook and now the Linkedin group enable me to share essential background information that helps members to better understand accountants. I demolish common misconceptions and I tell them what really matters to accountants. As a result these people are less likely to seek meetings with you that go no where.  You will waste less time as a result. At leat that;’s the intention.

I also know that my insights put many new entrants to the market OFF the idea of trying to work with accountants. In essence they learn faster what they would otherwise only have found out through trial and error. And in so doing they would have been wasting your time.

If you know of anyone who needs to read the ebook please send them to: www.ReferralsFromAccountants.co.uk You might also encourage them to look up the Linkedin group: Referrals From Accountants.

Incidentally, if you have any pet hates, frustrations or tips that you’d like me to pass on through the discussion forum of the Linkedin group (and in so doing help you and other accountants) please add your comments to this post.