I’m not one for making annual new year resolutions – or indeed ‘predictions’. Indeed, rather than risk ‘predictions’ for 2008 I offer instead three of my hopes for the new year, that Accountants will:

1 – earn more money by advising their clients about their menu pricing models – so that clients know they’ll pay higher fees if they leave things to the last minute;

2 – stop risking PI claims by advising on tax issues where they’re not sure how the legislation really works;

3 – engage a professional business coach to help them achieve their potential;

On a related point I have updated my business cards so that these make clear that I specialise in:

Improving the results of businesses that target or operate within the UK tax and accountancy professions

Three of the principal ways in which I do this are related to my 3 hopes above:

1 – Speaking at conferences and seminars for accountants and tax advisers on business development related and Risk reduction issues;

2 – Running the Tax Advice Network – which provides accountants in general practice with access to their choice of specialist tax advisers; and

3 – Providing mentoring/business coaching to ambitious professionals to help them to achieve more success, peace of mind and confidence at work.