Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for a job?

Er, NO thank you.

My portfolio career is very satisfying and gives me the flexibility I prefer to undertake a variety of speaking, writing, facilitating, mentoring and consulting assignments. Some of these involve retainers which is always nice.

You seem to be very well connected in the UK accountancy profession. Can we tap into your insights and connections?

Yes and No. I have been approached many times in this regard since I went freelance in 2006. My priority is to work with professionals, especially accountants.

When I help other businesses that want to target accountants or the accountancy profession I only do if I can retain my independence and integrity.

There are occasions when I am prepared to share links and opinions with my networks of accountants. However my database, lists and connections are not for sale or rent.  On a rough estimate I am able to reach in excess of 10,000 accountants in the UK. They are in all locations and all sizes of firms. Many have registered on one or other of my websites to receive my newsletters and tip sheets. Others see my weekly blog (running since 2006) or are part of my twitter following (>7,000) or my first level connections on Linkedin (>5,500). My articles on have been viewed over ONE MILLION times.

You can find out more about how you might access my knowledge, connections and insights in this regard here >>>

Why do you no longer give tax advice?

Long before the media started questioning the level of tax avoidance by celebrities I was becoming uncomfortable with this aspect of my role. I became disillusioned with the process, the research and the environment in which I was required to provide tax advice. I stopped giving tax advice in 2006 after a 25 year career during which I had been a tax partner in two large firms of accountants and Chairman of the ICAEW Tax Faculty.

I wrote a detailed account of when I realised my disillusionment meant that I had to stop being a tax adviser. Taxation magazine published this as a lead ‘comment’ article in July 2008.

I blogged about the article in a post titled: Why I gave up giving tax advice.

A further summary appears on the ‘About Mark‘ page of this website.