It’s almost a year since the professional bodies published their updated guidance on engagement letters for tax work. This was the culmination of a thorough review by a working party that I was proud to chair on behalf of the contributing bodies: ICAEW, ICAS, ACCA, CIOT, ATT, IIT, CIMA.

I wrote a number of articles on the subject for the professional press and online forums. eg: AccountingWeb and Tax Adviser (March 2008). I also explained our approach in a posting on the TaxBuzz blog.

And most of the bodies published the updated guidance on their websites for members. More recently this has been updated to reflect one last schedule that we added for those who want to advise on tax credits. (Incidentally I’ve explained elsewhere on this blog why I think it’s important to at least cover the basics on the subject of tax credits).

The reason for this post now is that for whatever reason I have started to receive more requests for links to the online guidance. And some people are asking for guidance as regards non tax related issues too.

Rather than keep cutting and pasting content I though it would help to put all of the links in one place.

I have also included  a link here back to a recent piece I wrote about disengagement letters as this may also prove useful.