Francesca Pucella

Oct 20, 2023

Mark is an excellent professional speaker, an expert on how to stand out in your chosen profession, how to differentiate yourself and be more that just another professional providing a certain service.

I haven’t actually hired Mark, I had the chance to listen to his lecture ‘How to stand out and be more than just another lawyer’ at Legalex 2014, in London, and I have to say I was really impressed by his inventive approach (for example, he compared lawyers to a deck of cards: from the back they are all the same, but if you turn them, you start seeing all the differences) and by his creative ideas on how to stand out, how to differentiate yourself in a profession where the competition is extremely strong, due also to the high number of people.

The most important reason why I would recommend Mark as a professional speaker is that what he says can be truly applied to one’s profession and get actual results. Plus, listening to one of his lectures is a really entertaining experience!